How To Store Balls In A Garage

With the garage being the most suited storage space for your balls, you may be wondering how they can be stored in this part of your house. Luckily, we have made the necessary research for you, and here's what we found.

It is essential to store your balls in a way that you can easily collect them and place them back after usage. Below are step-by-step procedures you should employ when storing your balls in a garage:

  • Categorize the balls.
  • Clean and dry the balls.
  • Put the balls in nylon bags and sealed containers.
  • Arrange them in a cabinet.

When storing your balls on a shelf it is better to use bungee cords so your storage unit will be arranged. Keep reading to get more detailed information on how to store balls in a garage.

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Storing Balls In A Garage

Homeowners usually use their garage to store many home essentials including kitchen equipment, furnishing materials, and sports equipment like balls. However, storing balls can be challenging because of their shape. Here are steps to follow if you want to store balls in a garage:

Step 1: Categorize The Balls

A basket ball in the basketball court

If you want to store your balls, the first step you should take is to separate the balls into different categories and orders of preference. Categorizing the balls will make it easier for you to locate the type you want. You can also label them for easy recognition.

Step 2: Clean And Dry The Balls

Always clean your balls before you store them. You can use warm water and soap for the cleaning. Before storing the balls, make sure to dry them. Leaving them wet can result in the growth of mold.

Step 3: Put The Balls In Nylon Bags And Sealed Containers

Waterproof nylon bag

After drying the balls, you should put them into nylon bags. These nylon bags can be found in any store that sells sports equipment. This step is important to ensure that the balls are constrictive. It is better to store your balls in nylon bags. After putting the balls into nylon bags, place them in sealed containers.

Step 4: Arrange Them In A Cabinet

After placing your balls in sealed containers the next thing to do is to arrange them in a cabinet. A cabinet is a cupboard that has shelves for storing or displaying items. Storing your ball in a cabinet in your garage will make it easier to access.

Can I Deflate Balls Before Storing Them in A Garage?

A stockpile of golf balls

When the balls contain too much air, they can wrap, change shape or become too loose when next you might want to use them. So it is better to deflate the balls at least halfway before storing them in your garage. This will make the ball last longer.

As much as deflating is essential, you should also inflate the balls at least once every month to ascertain if they are still in shape or have already gone bad.

Pointers When Storing Balls In The Garage

There are essential things you should know if you are planning on storing balls in the garage. Here are some of them:

Use a Ceiling or Corner Space

You can use a ceiling space if you are fortunate enough to have a big loft or attic. This place is best for storing sports equipment (balls). Since balls clutter around when improperly packed, the corner space of your garage will be a good place for stacking your balls.

Make Sure Sunlight Isn't Touching The Balls

Direct sunlight or light from synthetic bulbs can damage sports balls and other sports equipment. It can cause irreparable damage and may also make the colors of the balls fade.

Direct light on balls does not only affect the color, it also weakens the material of the ball. Since most balls are made of rubber, direct light can make them brittle regardless of how strong the rubber is.

Inflate The Balls Regularly

Inflating a soccer ball

Sports balls do not retain their air over a certain period, they tend to lose it over time. You may notice that a ball has lost air if it stops bouncing well.

Avoid leaving balls deflated and unattended. The material may weaken over time. Use an air pump to inflate the balls monthly. This way, it is kept in a good shape in your garage.

Best Ball Organizers

Amongst the different types of equipment to help appropriately organize your balls, there are some that you need to get because they are very useful. They can also hold in all your other sports, not just the balls.

With your garage spaces probably taken up by several other types of equipment and utility items, a ball organizer may be your best option. Below are some of the best ball organizers that can keep your balls in place.

Vertical Ball Rack

This is can be used to hold different types and sizes of balls. This rack can hold soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, and other sports equipment.

See this Rubbermaid vertical ball rack on Amazon

Sports Ball Holder

This ball rack is ideal for storing and displaying soccer balls, volleyballs, and basketballs. This rack is made of quality metal. It can be easily set up for usage and has screws that can be used to secure it to your wall.

See this ball holder on Amazon

Ball Caddy

This frame of a ball caddy is made from metal. It has a see-through mesh netting that makes up the major part of the caddy. It can also accommodate a large number of basketballs.

See this ball caddy on Amazon

Sports Equipment Organizer

This storage unit can hold various types of sports equipment. The steel metal rack has different sizes of baskets and hooks on the outside which can be used to hang additional items.

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What Is A Bowling Ball?

Different colors of bowling balls in the bowling alley

A bowling ball is a hard round ball used to knock down bowling pins. Traditional ten-pin and American nine-pin bowling balls contain two-finger and thumb slots.

Five-pin, candlepin, duckpin, and European nine-pin bowling balls have no holes and are small enough to fit in the palm.

Can I Store A Bowling Ball In A Garage?

The garage is big enough to store bowling balls, but it also exposes them to various threats. One of the threats is temperature fluctuations. Some garages are usually chilly in the winter, even in spring.

They can get very hot in summer, causing the bowling ball to crack or become oily due to the heat. It is better to store them in your closet instead of the garage.

Final Takeaways

A huge two cargo garage of a luxurious home

Always separate into categories your balls before storing them. Remember to place them into nylon bags and a sealed container and then in a cabinet. Don't forget to clean and inflate the balls every month to ensure durability. Regardless of the storage method you choose, ensure that maintaining the quality of the ball is always at the forefront.

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