How Wide Is Packing Tape

Are you perhaps trying to find the right kind and size of packaging tape? You don't have to worry too much because we have already reviewed the options to best assist you! We have researched everything you need to know about the types and dimensions of adhesive tapes for your packages. 

The width may vary slightly depending on the type you are using. However, the standard dimension of all packing tapes is 2 or 3 inches wide, and 300 feet (100 yards) long.

Tapes are necessary for keeping your valuables or parcels secure. With this being said, knowing the right dimensions is significant when choosing the correct adhesive for your packages. If you wish to know more about packing tapes, you have come to the right place! 

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What is packing tape?

Packing tapes are used to seal shipments and storage boxes. The smooth outer surface is either made from paper or polypropylene, which is a kind of plastic, and pressure-sensitive adhesive coating that makes it stick onto various surfaces.

Adhesives can either be hand or machine-applied depending on the type of tape you are using. Nonetheless, choosing the best tape is necessary to keep your valuables protected!

How to choose the best adhesive?

Before we delve deeper into the topic, let us first find out some important key terms to help in choosing the right adhesive. 

When selecting the best material, you must consider the overall durability of the packaging tape. Determining the tensile strength is the best way to know the quality of the said item. 

Tensile strength is the capacity of the tape to handle extreme force or weight. Good quality adhesives have a tensile strength of above 20 pounds. It may even exceed 40 pounds depending on the make.

The thickness or mil (one thousandth of an inch) can also determine the durability of the packaging tapes. Thinner tapes have 1.9 mils as the average, while fortified materials can have a thickness of 3.1 mils. 

Both the mil and tensile strength tell us the general sturdiness or toughness of the various kinds of packing tapes.

Packaging Tapes: Types & Dimensions

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1. Acrylic Packing Tape

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Acrylic tape is typically used to seal corrugated boxes. It forms a strong bond, has UV-resistant quality, and can withstand both subzero and high temperatures. The standard width of this material is 2 inches, the length is 110 yards, and the thickness is 1.8 mil.

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2. Hot Melt Tape

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Hot melt adhesives are basically made of thermoplastic that liquefies when heated, then hardens after being cooled. This quality makes them stronger than acrylic tapes because they offer higher adhesion properties. 

The most basic measure or broadness of this material is 2 to 3 inches wide, and 110 yards long. There are also sizes that are less than an inch - to 12, 20, 30, 40, 50 millimeters. The thickness ranges between 1.6 to 2.2 mils.

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3. Paper Packing Tape (Water-Activated Tape or Kraft Paper Tape)

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Paper adhesives, as the name implies, are made from paper which makes them an environment-friendly alternative. It can be used to secure both light and heavyweight boxes, especially because it has anti-tampering properties. 

Since its adhesive characteristic is activated by water, it sticks thoroughly onto the surface and leaves a visible mark when someone tries to open the seal. This way, you will know if someone has tampered with your parcel. 

It will not also lose its adhesive properties when exposed to cold weather conditions or sub-zero temperatures. 

Similar to the two materials mentioned above, paper tapes are 2 to 3 inches wide. Take note that the measurement can be 2.83 or 2.75 inches wide, and 150 or 125 yards long, depending on the make of the product. The average thickness is 5.9 mils.

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4. Natural Rubber Industrial Tape

Rubber tape is actually made from the milk extract of a rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis). Its remarkable sticking characteristic is what makes it distinct from other types of packaging adhesives. 

Its versatility also makes it unique since it can stick to almost all kinds of surfaces while having the capability to withstand extreme weather conditions. 

The standard dimensions of rubber tape are 2 to 3 inches wide and 110 yards long depending on the make of the item. The thickness varies between 1.6 mils, 2.0 mil, 4.5 mils, and 7.9 mils. 

5. Duct Tape

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Duct tape is a form of adhesive that is composed of the same material as acrylic; however, duct tape is specifically designed for easier removing or tearing while also being water and damage resistant. With this being said, it has the capacity to secure and protect your shipments or storage boxes.

The average width is 1.88 inches, but it can exceed the 2 inches depending on the brand of the product. Some items are only 5 yards long while others are 20 to 60 yards in length. Premium-grade military duct tapes have a thickness of 6.5 mils, 8 mils, and 12 mils.

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6. Masking Tape

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Masking tape is made of crepe paper backing that makes it easier to tear by hand. It can also be effortlessly removed without leaving any tape residues on the surface of the boxes. This kind of tape is water-resistant, yet, it has fewer adhesive properties. 

The width of masking tapes ranges from 0.71 inches to 2 inches with an average length of 21 yards. Depending on the brand, some masking tapes have a thickness of 5.1 mils and 6.7 mils.

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Importance of a Packaging Tape

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There are two main reasons why you need adhesive tapes, either for shipping items or storing belongings. Either way, the bond holds great importance. 

The main purpose of packaging tape is to provide security. Good quality adhesives will guarantee that the valuables inside every shipment would not easily fall out of the box and be defective. It saves you the risk of selling, purchasing, or owning faulty goods or merchandise.

Some types of adhesives are tailored with specific qualities to know if your parcel has been tampered wiht. Others have weather-resistant characteristics that also offer the same purpose - to ensure a safe delivery or storage.

Since some kinds of tapes can be custom printed, it raises brand awareness. This is relatively important to all sellers out there because you are not only endorsing the make of your venture, but you also offer good quality product shipments. 

How to Store Packaging Tapes?

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When using packaging tapes, it is only usual to not completely use the entire roll, especially if you are using small amounts of adhesives. It is important to know how to properly store packing tapes because these items are sensitive materials.

Some types of tape will lose their adhesive properties once exposed to sub-zero temperatures. On one hand, extreme heat will melt the tape, rendering it unusable. Here are ways to store your packaging tapes:

Frigid Conditions

Cold weather will harden the adhesive coatings of packaging tapes, especially those kinds that are not designed to withstand below-freezing temperatures. It is only ideal to store them in areas with temperatures ranging between 59 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If hardening of the adhesive coatings occurs, do not immediately throw the tape away. You can easily resolve this issue by simply placing the tape in areas that have the ideal temperature. This will restore its bonding strength. 

Hot Weather

You must not store them in areas with high humidity levels because extreme heat will melt the adhesives. The temperature mentioned above is still the ideal condition. Unfortunately, when exposed to heat, their adhesive properties cannot be restored anymore. 

In Closing

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Adhesives are a significant part of keeping the safety and security of your shipping parcels and storage boxes. Keep in mind the various aspects to consider when choosing the best quality packaging tapes.

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