How Long Is A Roll Of Packing Tape & How Much Is Needed When Moving

Moving to a new home is never easy, but you can start with listing down all the things you need for packing. While making a list, you realize you don't know how long a roll of packing tape is and how much will you need. Well, we have already researched the answer for you.

You will be taping about 60 boxes of varying sizes during your packing process. A roll of tape is typically 54-110 yards long, and the general rule is to allow one roll for every 30 to 60 boxes. We suggest investing in a high-quality tape dispenser for convenience. Since you'll be using tapes to close off and reinforce boxes, you should keep an extra two rolls for backup.

Now that you know how much tape roll you will need, keep reading this article to learn more about this topic. We will also be answering some frequently asked questions and sharing some tips that might be helpful during your move.

Box being wrapped by tape to seal, How Long Is A Roll Of Packing Tape & How Much Is Needed When Moving

How Much Weight Can A Packing Tape Hold

The tape's millimeter (mil) thickness will determine how much weight it can carry. Packing tapes usually range from 1.9 mils to 3.1 mils; that is why the thicker the tape, the more weight it can hold. 2-2.4 mil tape is enough for boxes over 25 pounds, but for heavier packages, or those nearing 60 pounds, use three mils and above.

Is Packing Tape Waterproof

Packing tapes are water-resistant, not waterproof. If exposed to water for a considerable time, it may lose its adhesion. You may apply a layer of gorilla or seal tape on top of the packing tape if you insist on waterproofing it.

What Is The Difference Between Shipping Tape And Packing Tape

Shipping tape is lighter and thinner; thus, people often use this for short-term mails and packages. Use shipping tape for mailing small and light items while packing tape for heavier objects and boxes.

Packing tape has stronger adhesion and can withstand external factors like the weather and time. These are more suitable for moving hence the name packing tape.

What Other Tape Can Be Used For Packing

Adhesive and different types of tapes

It is not uncommon to run out of packing tape during the preparation; there might even be a chance that there's no available stock in the nearby store. For situations like this, you can use any of the alternatives below.

It is worth noting that these are to be used as substitutes only since the following are made for a different purpose and may not offer the same level of adhesion as packing tape.

Gummed Paper Tape

Gummed paper tape

This tape needs to be activated by water to enhance its adhesion further. It creates a strong bond that often damages boxes when peeled off when wet. Due to its strength is most useful for heavy boxes as it will not easily tear and is suitable for long-term storage.

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Masking Tape

Sticky paper tape

Its paper-like texture and water-repellant property make it great for label making. This property can be pretty helpful during the moving process as it would make identifying and tracking things easier.

Homeowners use this tape as a guide and a protective sticker when painting because it is easy to peel. We don't recommend sticking it on boxes besides labeling since it will quickly come undone.

Craft Tape

Colorful masking tape

More popularly known as washi tapes and mainly used for decorations, these are perfect for organizing things and color-coding boxes. It offers low adhesion and thus cannot be used as box support but can still be helpful for labeling, especially if paired with masking tapes.

Duct Tapes

Duct Tape

Known for its versatility and water-proof quality can be used instead of packing tape; however, it doesn't stick well on cardboard boxes.

It is more suitable for other moving containers such as plastic bins. It can be pretty messy to remove when exposed to heat and may leave adhesive residue on the surface.

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Brown Paper Packaging Tape

Brown paper packing tape

This tape is perfect for last-minute packing and touch-ups since hands can easily tear it. Due to this reason, we don't recommend using it underneath the box as it can't support much weight. It can withstand the moving period but not for long-term usage.

Scotch Tape

Double tape transparent

Scotch tape is a transparent tape you always see in the supply rooms of offices and schools. It offers limited sizes and falls on the thinner side; it is not ideal for sealing off boxes. But it can still come in handy by securing your bubble wraps and packing papers.

Filament Packing Tape

Fiberglass Filement tape

If you're going to do some heavy packing, filament tape is the top choice. Enforced with fiberglass strips for extra strength, it can support 100 to 400 pounds of weight. It is available in two variants, bi-directional pattern and fiberglass strands crisscross.

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Packing tape will always be the most suitable tape for the job; manufacturers made it for this purpose. Combine two or more tapes to ensure they will last the whole trip for the best result.

Utilize what you have on hand and the most important of all, keep a scissor or have the dispenser with you at all times because you'll be needing it a lot.

What Are The Best Packing Tape For Heavy Duty Sealing

There are many choices on the market for sealing off boxes, but only some of those are well-suited for heavy-duty jobs. Aside from the strength and adhesion, we also need to consider the ease of use.

Listed below are the top picks that ticked off everything on the checklist.

  • Gorilla Packing Tape- offers excellent adhesion and is long-lasting though it can be pretty costly.
  • Scotch Packaging Tape- ideal for long-term storage but not much for shipping
  • Bomei Pack Strapping Tape- durable, weatherproof, and can hold heavyweights
  • Duck Packing Tape- general-purpose, works well for shipping and storage
  • Grizzly Brand Packing Tape- has more expansive coverage, moisture, and temperature resistant

How To Load A Tape Gun

We are all familiar with a regular tape dispenser, but not many know how to use a tape gun, let alone refill it. It is an easy process; follow the steps below, and soon after, you'll be using it like a pro.

  1. Lay down your tape gun on a flat surface and push down the roll onto the wheel
  2. Peel off 5 to 6 inches of tape and pull it around the roll with the sticky side down
  3. Place the tape between the roller and the flap.
  4. Pull the tape. The non-sticky side should be facing the roll and the sticky side opposite from you
  5. Tear off the excess


Box being wrapped by tape to seal

It is not enough for you to stick some tapes on these boxes and call it a day. Ensure that you have correctly applied it; otherwise, it may come undone or tear up during transit. For convenience, you can also hire a moving company to handle the task, starting from packing up to logistics. This way, you can focus on more important matters and rest up with the remaining time of the day.

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