Can You Ship A Book In A Bubble Mailer? 

Senders and receivers alike are often concerned about safely shipping items to arrive at their destinations intact. Because of this, bubble mailers are a popular packaging choice. We have researched whether you can send a book in a bubble mailer -and alternatives to safely ship books.

A bubble mailer can be used to ship fragile items, books included. Typically, two or three books are the minimum number of reading materials you can fit inside this envelope. 

Before mailing your belongings or any items, it is important to know the best quality envelopes, finest shipment options, and leading shipping companies to ensure that the package is well-secured, and the service is exemplary. Read on to know more about the significant aspects to consider.

Two padded envelopes with bubble wrap on light blue wooden background, flat lay. Can You Ship A Book In A Bubble Mailer 

What is a Bubble Mailer?

Bubble mailers are envelopes or packaging materials that have a paper exterior with bubble wrap lining the inside. They are usually used for mailing fragile items that require additional protection. These mailers usually come in different dimensions to accommodate various-sized objects.

What can you ship in a Bubble Mailer?

Small products that do not need a full shipping box, items that are mostly flat, and frail belongings that require protection and preservation can be shipped via a bubble mailer. Examples of objects you can ship include:

  • books,
  • documents,
  • CDs,
  • DVDs,
  • jewelry,
  • small automotive parts,
  • handcrafted home goods or crafts,
  • and small electronics. 

What are the other different types of mailers?

Lot of bubble envelopes for postal shipping

Padded Mailers

Padded mailers are another option if you intend to ship books, mobile phones, and electronics because they are designed with fiber padding to absorb shock. They are also lightweight and moisture resistant.

Poly Bubble Mailers

Poly mailers are made from polyethylene plastic and bubble wrap lining making them resistant to water, weather, tampering, and tearing which makes them also an ideal alternative for shipping your products.

Books, clothing or apparel, bedding, shoes, and any other soft goods can be shipped using these mailing bags. 

Cardboard boxes, on white background. Isolated. Corrugated cardboard

Flat Mailers and Chipboard Mailers

If you are sending important papers such as certificates, magazines, and legal documents, flat and chipboard mailers are the perfect choice because they are extremely durable and lightweight. They are designed to prevent the items from being folded or damaged.

Rigid Mailers

This type of mailer is made from laminated kraft fiberboard. Similar to the rest, these mailers are also an excellent choice for mailing books, documents, artwork, and photos. They prevent folds, bends, creases, and other damage to your shipment.

What are the best options when shipping a book?

Shipping companies such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx have various options when it comes to sending book shipments. Sizes, weight, thickness, and quantity are some of the main factors that contribute to mailing the said reading materials.

United States Postal Service (USPS)

USPS Priority Mail

Priority mail is an affordable way to send shipments. It offers a fast delivery, typically 2 to 3 days, free pick-up, and offers insurance of up to $50. Weight and dimensions are the basis when sending mail.

USPS Flat Rate

Flat rate shipment comes in two options which are rate boxes and envelopes. When shipping books in bulk, flat rate boxes are the cheapest option. Apart from that, envelopes or bubble mailers can be an alternative when shipping only one or two books. 

Before mailing or shipping, remember that the USPS flat rate offers two shipment options depending on the mail thickness. If you intend to use bubble mailers, books must be 3/4-inch thick. If the items you need to ship are thicker, you need to resort of shipping boxes.

USPS Media Mail

Media Mail is designed to ship books, CDs, DVDs, audiotapes, and other forms of publications. As with most companies, mailing costs depend mainly on the weight or size of the package.

USPS First Class Mail

First-class Mail is another way of sending envelopes and lightweight parcels. The weight of the letter or package determines if the items you intend to send are eligible for mailing - as long as the letters do not weigh more than 3.5 ounces, and the box weighs less than 13 ounces.

The USPS prioritizes the shipping speed of First-class Mail over its other postal services. It usually takes 1 to 3 days from the postmarked date before your package reaches its destination.

USPS Retail Ground

When sending packages of all sizes, Retail Ground has the lowest cost. The travel length and destination are the usual basis of the mailing price.

However, you cannot choose this mailing option if your parcel measures more than 130 inches in length and width, and weighs more than 70 pounds. It typically takes 2 to 9 days before your package will arrive. 

United Parcel Service (UPS)

UPS Ground

The UPS Ground is another great and cost-effective alternative for shipping books. The mailing cost mainly depends on the dimensions of your package. The rates for extra small boxes start at $9.45 while it costs $19.60 for large parcels. 

The longest delivery time takes five days. For urgent shipments, next day is the shortest period. 


FedEx Flat Rate Shipping

Flat Rate Shipping is ideal for sending books, documents, or any other items. For boxes, the parcel must weigh below 50 lbs and for envelopes, your mail must not go beyond 10 lbs.

With this option, you have the option to choose the delivery period - 1, 2, or 3 days. All your shipments are backed by the FedEx Money-Back Guarantee.

Before mailing or shipping, remember that the USPS offers different shipment options depending on the thickness of the mail. 

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What are the disadvantages of using bubble mailers?

Bubble wrap lining of mailers consists of small spheres of air encapsulated in plastic. Negative aspects of the product include environment, storage and fire hazards.

Environmental Issues 

Bubble wrap is composed of plastic polymer film which is toxic to the ecology. It may take hundreds of years to disintegrate in the environment. Due to the very slow breakdown process, they tend to occupy considerable space in landfills. 

Storage Problems

The product's bulky form could result in storage difficulties. The plastic air bubbles can take up extra space. Although some packages do not necessarily need to be padded, most shipping companies still utilize them.

Fire Hazard

The product can easily catch on fire due to the combination of plastic and oxygen. The resulting smoke is toxic and potentially causes serious respiratory problems.

Alternative Bubble Mailers 

Biodegradable Packages

Some companies manufacture biodegradable bubble mailers that are composed of PBAT (biodegradable plastic) and modified corn starch.

Here are some product examples:

  • KTOB Biodegradable Polymailers
  • KIPULU Biodegradable Bubble Mailers
  • RUSPEPA Corrugated Mailer Boxes

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Recycled Padded Mailers

This product uses recycled newspaper as a layer of cushioning rendering them naturally biodegradable. Ecoenclose is a top company that manufactures recycled padded mailers.

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Compostable Padded Mailers

These mailers break down into healthy compost leaving no plastic residue in the environment. Some models also feature adhesive strips making them reusable. HanzOn Eco-friendly Compostable Mailers, Cradle and Dew 100% Compostable Mailers, and MailStylim Compostable Mail Bags are the top-rated products on the market. 

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In Closing

Bubble mailers are a great and safe way to ship fragile items. The factors you have to consider are both the shipping options and the bubble mailers.

Nowadays, product shipments have increased considerably. Inasmuch as bubble mailers have certain disadvantages (environmental impact, storage issues, fire hazards, etc.), it is notable however that there are alternative products that render identical features.

We hope you have found this article informative and helpful.