Jeanette Figueroa

Jeanette Figueroa

Are Bubble Mailers Waterproof?

Brown postal envelopes on wooden office desk, Are Bubble Mailers Waterproof?

If you’re mailing or shipping an important document, photos, or jewelry, you want to give it additional protection. Of course, you don’t want your items to get wet while it is in transit, which leads you to ask if bubble…

Can You Reuse Mylar Bags?

hand holding Aluminum foil bag Plastic Laser Mylar Foil Zip Lock Bag isolated on white background - Can You Reuse Mylar Bags

Whether you are trying to save money or save the planet, this thought might have crossed your mind. Is it okay to reuse Mylar bags or should you just throw them away after use? That’s what we’ll talk about today.…