Jeanette Figueroa

Jeanette Figueroa

Will Packing Tape Damage Wood?

Silver duct tape roll on wooden background - Will Packing Tape Damage Wood

Should you put packing tape directly on the surface of the wood furniture that you’re loading for your big move? Can you use packing tape to protect wooden surfaces when you’re painting? We’ve got the answer to these questions straight…

Can You Reuse Amazon Bubble Mailers?

amazon packages, boxes, bubble mailers on white background. Can You Reuse Amazon Bubble Mailers

With all the online shopping that you’ve all been doing, chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of Amazon bubble mailers. You’re hesitant to throw them away and you’re wondering if you could reuse them to help save the environment. That’s…

How To Pack Duvets For Moving

Vacuum packing airtight sealing - How To Pack Duvets For Moving

Due to the size and thickness of duvets, linens, and other bedding, packing them can be a challenge. That’s why we’re here to give you tips and recommendations straight from the experts on how to make this task a breeze.…