Are Bubble Mailers Waterproof?

If you're mailing or shipping an important document, photos, or jewelry, you want to give it additional protection. Of course, you don't want your items to get wet while it is in transit, which leads you to ask if bubble mailers are waterproof. We've done the research for you and here's what we found out.

Bubble mailers are not waterproof but they do have an added layer that provides them with water resistance. It may not look like it from the outside, but their interior is embedded with a bubble wrap material that makes it better able to protect your valuable items and resist water damage.

Hang in there because we'll tell you more about the protection that bubble mailers offer to your items for shipping. We'll also talk about Kraft mailers and teach you how to make them waterproof. This article also compares poly mailers with bubble mailers and shipping by box and padded mailers. Let's start!

Brown postal envelopes on wooden office desk, Are Bubble Mailers Waterproof?

How protective is a bubble mailer?

Brown cardboard box packed in white bubble envelopes

A bubble mailer is also called a padded mailer. It is basically the same manila paper or white envelope that we've all been using and receiving in the mail but its inside has been lined with a bubble wrap to enhance the protection that it gives. 

These mailers come in different sizes to accommodate various sizes of items that people want to send out with some little extra care. This is a practical way of shipping your small valuable items such as books, jewelry, medicines, and electronics. 

Bubble mailers also come with an adhesive strip that you can easily remove when it's time to seal your package for shipping. You'll also be sure that your package stays safe and secure inside throughout the mailing cycle.

The addition of the bubble wrap is an ingenious idea to be able to provide additional protection to valuable items. It secures the package while it is in transit. It reduces the risk of damage from collision with other packages and the different ways these items are handled.

Yes, expect these things to happen. But with the bubbles of sealed air along the mailer's lining as a cushion, your delicate item is protected from impact.

The bubble wrap material is also lightweight so it doesn't add significant weight to the envelope and its shipping cost. 

One of the main advantages of bubble mailers over the traditional paper envelopes is that they are water-resistant. This gives you peace of mind that no matter what happens, come rain or shine, your item has enough protection until it reaches its proper destination.

However, this is not to say that bubble mailers are waterproof. They aren't impermeable because of their paper exterior. But the bubble wrap layer offers an additional layer of protection against water damage.

Are Kraft mailers waterproof?

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Kraft mailers are just like the traditional envelopes that are made of paper. They may be made of better quality but at the end of the day, paper can only do so much to stand up against water.

To put it simply, Kraft mailers are not waterproof or water resistant. But there are ways to make them so. Try these methods below.

These are the products that you can use for this project.

Permanent spray fixative

This will do a good job protecting your paper envelope from drops of water. It won't compromise what's written on the surface either. It is like a transparent coating on your envelope.

Since it's in a spray bottle, its application is very easy and you can cover the whole surface area in a jiffy. 

However, be cautious regarding this product as it contains harsh chemicals. Make sure that your work area is well-ventilated when you use this.

Check out this clear spray on Amazon.


This has the consistency of Vaseline or cream and is usually available in small tubs. It contains waxes and paraffinic oils that protect your paper envelope from moisture. 
This is safer to use because its ingredients are nonacidic and nontoxic. This is good since you need to dip your finger in the tub to get a small amount of MicroGlaze and just spread a thin layer on the paper.
Take note that it isn't always necessary to waterproof your envelopes. The post office and courier usually do a good job of keeping mail safe and dry. Just waterproof your envelopes when there are pertinent details on the cover that you want to protect such as calligraphy, commemorative stamps, and mail art.

What is the difference between bubble mailers and poly mailers?

Poly mailer for Wrapping and Packaging

Another option that's available for you when shipping out your items is the poly mailer. This is essentially a plastic envelope that comes in different sizes, colors, and designs.

Poly mailers are made from polyethylene plastic, thus the name. They are very lightweight. These plastic envelopes are stretchable which allows more room for flexibility for the items that you put inside them.

For example, you can pack clothes inside poly mailers which is something that's hard to do when using bubble mailers. The plastic will conform to the shape of the item and you can have it sealed with little effort. It is also durable so it won't easily be damaged upon contact.

Being entirely made of plastic, poly mailers are waterproof. They can protect your package from water damage as long as they are sealed tightly. This is one of the main differences between bubble mailers and poly mailers when it comes to performance.

The other difference that we need to point out here is the amount of protection that these envelopes offer to the item that's being shipped. Bubble mailers have bubble wrap lining. This makes them capable of protecting your package from impact.

Meanwhile, poly mailers don't offer this kind of safety and security since they don't come with a protective lining.

So, you have to consider their level of performance or the amount of protection that they can give to your item. If your package needs extra care, go with bubble mailers.

But if you're just after ensuring that the items don't get wet while in transit or you've packed them really well before shipping, you can choose poly mailers instead.

Is it cheaper to mail a box or bubble mailer?

bubble envelopes and carton box

When shipping, the weight and dimensions of your package matter. That's why it's best if you can fit your item in standard envelope sizes so that the shipping cost is cheaper. However, this isn't always the case.

When the space isn't really enough, you can go with box shipping rather than compromise the safety and quality of your package.

Cartons or boxes are also available in different sizes. Choose which one can fit all the products that you have to ship. Take into consideration the amount of padding that you'll use to secure the items while in transit. Of course, the bigger and the heavier the box, the greater the shipping cost.

Final Thoughts

Brown postal envelopes on wooden office desk

Bubble mailers aren't waterproof but thanks to their layer of bubble wrap, you have some protection against water damage. You need to consider this when you're sending valuable items. If you're confident that this kind of protection is enough, then feel free to use these padded mailers.