How To Pack End Tables For Moving

Moving is already challenging as it is, especially if you are taking lots of furniture with you. End tables may seem compact, but you still need to properly pack them to prevent dents and damage while in transport. So, how do you make sure your end tables are protected at all costs? We have researched answers to find out.

How you pack an end table depends on its fragility. If it's made of wood, you only need to wrap it with a huge sheet of cloth and tape it securely on all sides. If the table has a glass top, you will need to put in more work.

  • Wrap the glass top with kraft paper. If you don't have kraft paper, you can secure it with cardboard sheets. Stick them together with masking tape, making sure to go around several times.
  • Once you're sure the cardboard is secured, cover it with bubble wrap and tape around several times as well.
  • Place the wrapped table inside a telescoping box for convenience.
  • Tape the box shut. Secure all openings with packing tape.
  • Label the box "Fragile" on all sides. Draw an arrow to how you want it to be placed so it doesn't get jostled.

Planning a move can be stressful; don't add to the stress by packing all your fragile furniture poorly and getting faced with broken items later on. It's better to take a longer time getting ready making sure they remain unscathed. If you are interested to learn more about how to pack when moving, keep reading below!

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How to Pack Furniture for Moving

One thing you need to remember when packing is that it can be dangerous. Accidents can cause damage--from a small splinter to a huge gauge-- which can add stress to an already difficult day.

It is more convenient to start packing about a week or more from the move-in day. This will make things more seamless and hassle-free especially if you start with more difficult items to pack. If possible, disassemble your furniture in advance to make them more compact and easier to place into boxes.

Packing furnitures and other items

You will also be protecting the walls in your new home if there are no table legs that can potentially scratch random surfaces.

Make sure you already have packing supplies on hand so you won't have to waste time running to the hardware store.

How should you pack glass items?

packing breakable merchandise with care

Glass items, especially furniture, are tricky to move. Remember that having adequate support for glass furniture is highly essential since you won't be able to anticipate when the truck will jostle and encounter bumps.

Detachable Glass Table Tops

If your table has a detachable glass tabletop, put the tabletop in a separate box. Make sure to stuff the box itself with newspapers and styrofoam to prevent it from breaking.

Tape the surface of the tabletop with packing tape in a zigzag pattern. Wrap the glass again with many layers of paper and bubble wrap; secure everything with packing tape.

Place the glass inside the box and secure it with another layer of bubble wrap.

Small Mirrors and Frames

Small mirrors and picture frames can be secured together. However, you need to make sure that they have a buffer in between so they do not crash into each other.

Place foam and papers inside the box after you place the items. This will ensure that it withstands sudden movements from the moving truck.

Larger mirrors should be packed the same way as the glass tabletops.

Drinking Glasses and Plates

pack up breakable fragile glassware and wrap into wrapping bubble plastic in preparation to move

You will need to put more sheets and towels in the box where you intend to put these fragile items. Place enough cushion between them in case the moving truck encounters dips or bumps in the road, or if you somehow drop the box.

Put the sheets and towels at the bottom and the sides. Place cardboard or foam in between each glass to prevent them from bumping into one another.

Heavy glasses will need to be individually wrapped and placed at the bottom of the box.

  • Place a sheet of paper on the surface. Put the large glass near the corner of the sheet.
  • Fold the corner of the sheet inside the glass. Repeat this with the two other corners, stuffing the glass.
  • Lay the glass and roll it into the rest of the sheet.
  • For additional protection, layer it again with another sheet until you're satisfied.
  • Place the glass at the bottom of the box, facing upside-down. This will provide more foundation for the glass.
  • Once the first layer is full, Put a cardboard box on top. This will serve as the base for another layer of glasses.
  • Repeat the process until the box is filled.
  • Mark the box with fragile and draw an arrow with how you want it to be placed.

See these packing tips in action in the video below: 

How should you pack larger tables?

Kitchen wood clean table

Larger tables are a little more difficult to pack compared to end tables. You have more parts to deal with, they are much heavier, and you will have to be more careful when moving them to prevent accidents.

  • Line the floor with cardboard sheets.
  • Place the table upside-down with the legs up.
  • Cover the underside with cardboard sheets and secure with packaging tape.
  • Cut the large cardboard sheet under the table according to the size of the legs.
  • Cover each leg with the cut sheets and secure with packaging tape. Add another layer of cardboard to each one for added protection.
  • For the excess sheets on either side, tape the corners so that each corner has a right angle.
  • Tape these cardboard sheets up on each side of the table.

See these packing tips in action in the video below.

How should you pack desk chairs?

If you have a home office, you probably have an office chair or a desk chair. If your chair can be dismantled if there are parts that can be removed. It may seem to be a hassle, but you will need to disassemble some parts to make the packaging more compact.

If the chairs do not have anything detachable, simply wrap them as you would your end table.

  • Adjust the chair's sliders and armrests into their lowest position.
  • Wrap the fragile mechanisms of the chair with a bubble wrap.
  • Cover the entire body with either a plastic sheet or a thick fabric: Lay the chair on top of the blanket a little off-center. Wrap from the sides, fold the top corner and make them all overlap so they cover everything. Wrap it all up with packaging tape.
  • Use a furniture pad if you want added protection.

If you have more than one office chair, you will just have to stack one on top of the other.

  • Prepare the chair you want as the base. Flip the other chair over it upside down.
  • Line their arm pads together so that the other's arm pad sits on top of the other.
  • Wrap the stacked chairs with plastic wrap starting from the base or the middle. Twist the office chair as you cover it with plastic to make the job easier.

Tips That Make Moving Day Easier

Setting date for moving items

The process of preparing everything can be overwhelming. From making a checklist to making sure everything is secured--it is somehow tempting to leave the job only half-done. Here are things you can do to make sure you leave very little room for error.

Plan in Advance

It is better to pack earlier and finish more difficult jobs days prior to the move. Label the fragile items clearly so you won't forget them during the move, and draw up the layout you are expecting after the move to have a clear picture of the furniture you need.

Don't Do It Alone

Make sure you communicate details of the plan to your friends or family members who will be moving with you, or to the people helping with the packing. It is impossible for one person to prepare everything; don't be afraid to ask for help.

Hire Moving Professionals

The best route you can take when moving is to hire professionals to make sure the job gets done quickly and efficiently. These people will know what to do with larger and more fragile items, and they have tools ready in case of mishaps.

Movers are also more physically able to carry things you normally can't, which is why it is best to have both friends and professionals help you with the move. That way, you won't have to be overwhelmed and try to relocate everything haphazardly.

Final Thoughts

Wooden side table with night lap

Packing and moving don't have to stress you out more than they should. Don't let the business distract you from properly packing your furniture. Your items need to be cared for so that they can beautify your new home the way they did your old one.

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