How Long Do Cedar Blocks Last?

There might have been moments wherein you've tried every single closet freshening product, but you're worried about moths and insects, despite. We've looked into this issue and in this post, we have some tips about using cedar blocks to freshen up your storage space.

Cedar blocks (or balls) can last for about 3 to 7 years. After a while, the scent of the cedar blocks will start to fade, but it can easily be refreshed by lightly sanding the surface. These cedar blocks can be placed inside closet shelves or hung on hangers or racks.

We know that you might be curious about cedar blocks and how they can be used in your storage spaces. We will be touching on the finer points of the benefits of cedar blocks, as well as other ways you can use them for your home. Do keep on reading to learn more in this article.

Fragrant wardrobe freshener cubes, How Long Do Cedar Blocks Last?

How Long Do Cedar Blocks Last?

Cedar blocks are small blocks of pure cedar wood that are commonly used as a freshener for storage spaces. Sometimes, you can also find these as cedar balls or as hangers that you can easily hang in your closets.

Scented wooden cubes near two bath towels

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Other variations include cedar rings which you can string along and hang in the closet.

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These cedar blocks are known to instantly eliminate bad odors from wardrobes and closets that are caused by being too enclosed. The blocks are also used to protect your clothes from insects that can damage your stored clothing.

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When shopping for cedar blocks, it is important to choose one that has a strong scent and will fit the nooks and crannies of your storage space. You can put these in the corners of your wardrobes and drawers, or hang them in between your jackets and other clothing.

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Quality cedar blocks should last you for a good 3 to 7 years. Within this timeframe, you may find that the cedar blocks might lose some of their fragrance, but you can refresh them at any time. Quality blocks are fragrant and some products may also include cedar oil to increase their effectiveness.

How Do You Refresh Cedar Blocks?

Since cedar blocks are practically made of chunks of wood, there is very little to no maintenance needed when using them. However, the oils in the blocks do fade after some time, and they can be easily refreshed with a few simple steps.

Using fine-grit sandpaper, sand the surface of your cedar blocks (or balls) to get rid of the dusty top layer. Make sure to properly sand all the sides until you pick up the scent of cedar emanating from the wood. With a damp cloth, wipe your blocks and allow them to air dry for a few minutes.

If you find that your cedar blocks aren't as fragrant as they used to be, you can re-invigorate their natural oils by using cedar spray or oils. You can directly spray your oil on the cedar blocks and let it dry thoroughly to refresh them.

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When using cedar oil, simply wipe the oil on your cedar blocks and let it air dry. If it is too slick because of the oil, buff it with a dry cloth and let the oil completely soak the block to refresh its scent.

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Where Should I Put My Cedar Blocks?

Wooden round cedar rings for hangers for moth protection

Ideally, cedar blocks are best placed in storage spaces used for linens. You can put these blocks in the corners of your wardrobes, inside your drawers, shelves, and closets. If you are using cedar block hangers, you can hang them in between your clothes.

If you are using cedar balls, you may put them inside gauze drawstring bags to prevent them from rolling all over the place. Cedar rings, on the other hand, can be strung together and hung inside the storage space with no problem.

Since cedar is known to repel insects, you can also put this inside delicate items like bags and briefcases that might be damaged in an infestation. It can help protect your items from these pests and make them last longer.

Do Cedar Blocks Kill Moths?

bottle of essential oil with cedar wood chips

One of the biggest issues when storing items at home is the damage some insects cause when they do get inside the closets. The biggest cause of these problems are moths, but there are other insects like carpet beetles and silverfish that can cause damage to clothing.

A lot of the time, we turn to chemical deterrents like mothballs to prevent these issues from worsening. However, a lot of people especially those with pets and young children worry about the dangers of using chemical products at home. This is where cedar blocks come in—it is a safe and non-toxic deterrent.

Technically speaking, cedar blocks cannot kill moths. However, in the 1920s, scientists discovered the effect of cedar on moths and carpet beetles. They discovered that the natural oils of cedarwood release potent compounds which make it insect repellent.

Over the last couple of years, cedar blocks have grown in popularity as safe and natural alternatives to moth deterrents at home. If you do choose to use cedar blocks to keep moths out of your closets, always remember to check on them from time to time to refresh them.

If you have an infestation of clothes-damaging insects, make sure to treat that issue first before using cedar blocks. These wooden blocks can only do so much to repel moths, and you might also need to use moth traps to properly eliminate them.

Do Cedar Blocks Repel Mice?

Now that we know that cedar blocks are great for preventing moth infestations in closets, homeowners also wonder if they can be used for other pests. If you have a little problem with mice causing damage in your storage, then cedar might work for you.

Similar to moths, the natural oils of cedarwood are a very good repellant to mice and other rodents. This is because hydrocarbons like phenol are harmful to mice. These hydrocarbons are present in our precious cedar wood.

If you are looking to use cedar to prevent mice from damaging your storage, it is best to use cedar oil in its purest form. The most effective way would be to sprinkle the oil near the entryways of mice, but this method might prove to be a little expensive.

Another option is to use bagged cedar chips and spray cedar oil to increase its potency. This method is easy and you can easily refresh the scent of cedar at any time. It is also more cost-efficient because the cedar chips are reusable and they will last for a very long time.

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Using cedar as a mice deterrent is definitely a lot safer and more natural than using chemical products. Cedar will not harm your children or your animals if they get in contact with it. However, you might need to check on your cedar mice deterrents more often because the scent of cedar fades very quickly.

Final Thoughts

Fragrant wardrobe freshener cubes

Cedar is a wonderful wood. Not only does it repel insects that cause damage in closets, but it is a natural deterrent to mice which makes it a perfect choice for many homes. It is easy to use and all-natural, and cedar will last in your home for a very long time.

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