Can You Store Powdered Milk In Mylar Bags?

Do you plan to store your powdered milk long-term and in large quantities? Do you think you can put it on mylar bags? Well, we are curious about that, too. That is why we conducted thorough research if we can store our powdered milk in Mylar bags.

Since we need to store powdered milk in a container free from air and oxygen, using Mylar bags is excellent. They make good storage, especially for large quantities.

Aside from Mylar bags, there are still other options where you can store powdered milk. You also have to know how to maximize its shelf life and when you should toss it. But to find that out, we suggest you keep reading.

Mylar packaging containers. Can You Store Powdered Milk In Mylar Bags

How To Properly Store Powdered Milk?

The most satisfactory way of storing powdered milk long-term is to use Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers and desiccants. And would you believe that low-fat dried milk can last over 15 years when you use Mylar bags?

Below are some of the additional ways to store your powdered milk so that you can extend its shelf life.

1. Mylar Bags with Oxygen Absorbers

We consider these Mylar bags the best for long-term storage of dry foods because they can protect the foods from air and moisture.

When storing powdered milk in Mylar bags, you have to put oxygen absorbers on top of the milk and a desiccant underneath it. Never forget to do this before sealing the bag.

As the name states, oxygen absorbers will remove all the oxygen present inside the bag. The desiccant, on the other hand, will control the moisture. These two items will significantly help a lot to the shelf life extension of the powdered milk.

Keeping low-fat dried milk in a Mylar bag and placing it in a cool place can extend the shelf life over 15 years, but some milk manufacturing companies even set it at more than 25 years.

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2. Original Packaging

Dried milk often comes in paper or plastic pouches. If you store powdered milk at a high temperature using the original packaging, it will spoil in just a month.

And if you keep it in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight, it can last for over a year. But no one would try to take such a risk. Yes, we include it on the list. However, we do not recommend it. So, as much as possible, use the other methods.

3. Freezer or Refrigerator

If you store dried milk at lower temperatures, its shelf life will extend. At high temperatures, such as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, the powdered milk will get rancid in just five months. And at 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it will taste sour in just 30 days.

On the contrary, 50 degrees Fahrenheit or below can help the shelf life of the dried milk increase, usually for up to over four years. So, storing it in a freezer or refrigerator is also an excellent choice.

4. Metal Pouches

Some milk manufacturing companies use metal pouches to pack their powdered milk. And we must say these are a lot better than paper or plastic pouches. That is because they can obstruct light and deter moisture from getting into the milk. In addition, it can provide powdered milk to have a shelf life of one to two years.

However, metal pouches can still include oxygen inside. So, you will still need to be cautious where you place it. Please put it in a cool and dry place as much as possible. Also, please keep it away from direct sunlight.

Ideally, the consumption of powdered milk is within a few months. But if you can't consume it immediately, we suggest you transfer the dried milk into better storage; Mylar bags, if possible.

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5. #10 Cans

Some milk manufacturers use #10 cans for powdered milk storage. And the dried milk can last for over five years. However, not all #10 dried milk cans brands are created equal.

A study shows that some milk brands didn't utilize any process to remove the oxygen present in the can. And that means those powdered milk will immediately oxidize; they have low nutrients and no vitamin A.

On the other hand, some brands use oxygen absorbers or nitrogen flushing to get rid of the oxygen present in the cans. And the ones that used nitrogen flushing have higher amounts of nutrients.

Furthermore, this study proves that brands do matter. Especially since some of them claim that they are fortified and contain a high amount of vitamin A, as much as possible, choose a brand that has an excellent reputation when it comes to packaging its products.

Lastly, note that you will have to consume powdered milk once you open the can within three to six months.

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6. Canning Jars With Oxygen Absorbers Or Desiccants

You can store smaller quantities of milk powder in a canning jar. Additionally, you can opt to put desiccant into the jar to reduce moisture levels. Although moisture level decreases, oxygen will still be present, which will cause spoilage of the milk powder. And that will be anywhere from three to 12 months.

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So, if you want to extend the shelf life of the milk powder when using canning jars, we suggest you also incorporate oxygen absorbers. It would always be best to address the moisture levels and the oxygen.

Furthermore, to know if the oxygen absorber is working, you should notice if the lid will look sucked down. Lastly, as we always mention, keep the container in a cool, dry, and dark place. Doing so will extend its shelf life up to five years.

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Powdered Milk Shelf Life

The way you handle the storage method of a milk powder can significantly affect its shelf life. Storing it in its original packaging like a paper pouch in a moist or high-temperature area will reduce its shelf life significantly; it will likely last for only a few months.

Did you know? Non-fat powdered milk lasts longer than full-fat milk. That is because the fats and oils they contain are too vulnerable to oxidation and heat. Once you expose full-fat milk to heat and oxygen, it will eventually get a taste and smell sour.

So, if you want to store powdered milk long-term, you should go for a low-fat one.

How To Know If It Is time To To Discard The Powdered Milk?

It is time to discard your powdered milk if, once you open it, you notice something off to its smell or it has a color discoloration, usually yellowish. Those two factors are the main signs that your milk is not edible anymore.

To quickly determine if the milk powder is still in its best state next time, we suggest you label it once you finish transferring it to a Mylar bag or any other container. In that case, you will know when you opened it or moved it. Knowing its age will help you big time.

In addition, if you don't plan to use it all within three months, freeze the remaining powdered milk so you can still consume it next time.

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Wrap It All Up

To maximize the shelf life of powdered milk, you must use desiccants, oxygen absorbers, Mylar bags, or air-tight containers. And the most important one is always to choose non-fat powdered milk for longer shelf life. Additionally, always be cautious where you put the powdered milk, which will significantly affect the product.

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