Will Packing Tape Damage Car Paint?

We've all been there, having some need to put signs on our cars temporarily. What would be the best tape to hold it? We looked at the different kinds of tapes out there, so we can tell you what you can or should not use to avoid damaging your car's paint.

It is not a good idea to use packing tape on your car because it will damage the car's paint. After all, exterior car paint is quite sensitive. Car paint can react to the chemicals in the packing tape adhesive.

Keep on reading this post to know more about adhesives and how they can affect your car. We will also share ideas on how to keep car paint in good condition.

adhesive tapes, Will Packing Tape Damage Car Paint?

What Is The Effect Of Packing Tape On My Car Paint?

Not all adhesives are created equally. If you are thinking of using any form of adhesive tape to attach something to your car, think about what it can do to your car's paint.

Packing tape is the go-to tape if we need to seal our packages. Surely, you would guess it will be as effective when used on the car.

As it turns out, using packing tape will ruin your car's paint. When the time comes that you need to peel off the packing tape, it will also peel off the car paint.

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Repair the cracks of the truck with adhesive tape

What Other Types Of Adhesive Will Be Bad For The Car Paint?

Automotive experts do not recommend most kinds of adhesives for your car. Just like the packing tape, some adhesives will react to the chemicals in the car paint. These are Scotch tape, flex tape, and duct tape.

In addition, using sticky glue on the car will also result in paint peeling off. Well-known products such as Gorilla tape will also damage the paint if you use it.

How Do You Attach Decorations To Your Car For A Parade?

If there is a need to put decorations in your car, you can use magnetic tape for it. For this product, you will attach the adhesive to your decor. Then the magnet side will face the side of the car. The good thing about magnetic tape is that it is sturdy. It will stick to your car but will not damage the paint.

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What Kind Of Tape Will Not Damage My Car Paint?

If you need to use tape on your car, most enthusiasts would recommend using 3M Auto Care Performance Masking Tape. This kind of tape is specially formulated to stick to most surfaces, without damaging them. It works well even if your car paint is water or solvent-based.

In general, car users prefer using 3M adhesive products for their cars. They also recommend using double-sided adhesive tape. But you should check the package carefully to make sure that it will not affect the car's paint.

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One of the discussions in the user forum is about their use of double adhesive tape. They used the tape based on the manufacturer's recommendation, but they did not read the package instructions. In the end, they had to repair the damage when they unknowingly used the wrong kind of adhesive tape.

How To Remove Duct Tape Residue On The Car Exterior

Tape and Clear Packing Tape and Rear Bumper with scratches and scuff marks light

When the time comes that you want to remove the sticky residue on your car's surface, your main consideration would be to do it safely.

You have to remember that duct tape is very sticky. And because of that characteristic, it would be difficult to remove the residue that is left on your car. But don't worry, because you can still remove the sticky residue.

Warm Water

You can try soaking the residue with a cloth soaked in warm water. Hold the soft cloth over the residue for 15 minutes until it loosens. If the residue has been stuck longer, hold the cloth over the area for a few more minutes.

Cleaning Solvent

Spot clean the residue using a cleaning solvent. You will also wipe the surface area with a soft cloth. Remember to check if the cleaning solvent you will use is suited for automobile use.

Expired Credit Card Edge

Scrape the residue with a card edge. You can use your expired credit cards to gently remove the tape residue. This option is safer to use, instead of a metal scraper, because it has no sharp edges.

Rubbing Alcohol

Wipe the residue with a cloth soaked in alcohol. Your household rubbing alcohol is also capable of removing residue. Pour some alcohol into a soft and clean cloth to wipe on the car surface. Be gentle when wiping the surface.

Heating the Residue

Pointing a heating device on the residue until it loosens up can also be effective. You can use your hairdryer on stubborn residue. The heat will soften the sticky surface so you can wipe it faster. However, you can only do this suggestion on the metal surfaces of the car.

How To Make Car Paint Last Longer?

Now that you were able to save your car paint from peeling off due to adhesive, your next task would be to keep the car paint looking new for as long as possible.

For one, you need to wash and dry the car surface regularly. After washing, follow it with car wax. The next step is to put a paint sealant and synthetic coating. These two steps will protect the surface of your car.

When parking your car, choose a location that will provide shade. At your home, it would also help to have a dedicated garage. As you know, too much exposure to the sun will lead to fading of paint later on.

You can opt for a good car cover. If you don't have a garage just yet, the car cover can do the job for you. Of course, you should choose the cover properly. Some brands may scratch the car's surface.

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Which Car Paint Is Easy To Maintain?

Now that you know how to keep the car paint in pristine condition, you might also want to know which colors are easy to maintain. We understand that you also want to have a paint color that does not require a lot of maintenance.


body repair is partially covered with paper and pasted over with green masking tape

White is the first on the list. It has a classic look, which makes it popular with most car owners. Dirt and grime are easily available with this color. But it hides dents and other small marks. Mechanics recommend that you do not use an automatic car wash when you clean a white-colored car.


Gray is next on the list. The good thing about this color is that specks of dust are not visible, especially in the lighter shade. The darker shade can also hide some imperfections in your car.


Finally, you have the color silver. It sits between the light and dark shades. Its light color can hide the car's imperfections. But it's also dark enough to hide the dust in the car.

Key Takeaways

adhesive tapes

If there will come a time when you need to attach something to the car's surface, you should check which tape to use.

For one, using packing tape in your car will damage the car paint. It is quite sticky, and will just peel off the paint when you try to remove it from your car. It is best to use packing tape on papers.

Instead, you can use 3M adhesive products. But you should also check the label to see if the product you are using is good for your car's paint.