5 Types of Storage Hooks

Storing different items at home is important, but what do we do about the big and heavy stuff we need to keep? This is where storage hooks come in, and we've looked into the topic and researched everything you need to know about hooks and storage practices in this post.

There are many kinds of storage hooks, and they all have different purposes for your home. In order to keep the heavy stuff stored properly, we can use:

  1. heavy-duty garage hooks
  2. utility hooks
  3. ladder storage hooks
  4. S-shaped hooks
  5. and removable hooks

We know that this list might sound a little bit too overwhelming. Fortunately, we will discuss all these hooks and how you can use them in this post. Keep reading as we break down which hooks will work best for heavy storage use, as well as those that you can use to organize smaller items at home.

Bedroom  Coat Hooks on the back of a closet door - 5 Types of Storage Hooks

Types of Storage Hooks

Neat garage tools hanging on a storage rack

Storage hooks have long since been used to help keep organized items at home. Most storage hooks are used for heavy-duty areas in the home like basements and garages. However, there are also storage hooks that are used for lighter jobs, but nonetheless just as important for organizing.

If you are looking to store heavy items like wheels or keeping tools intact, then heavy-duty storage hooks will work for you. Home organizers, on the other hand, enjoy using basic utility hooks and similar items to keep things neat at home. Here are some of the types of storage hooks you can use:

Garage Hooks

Garage hooks, as the name suggests, are typically used in garages to help keep heavy items up and off the floor. These hooks are generally made for heavy-duty use and can hold heavy items like bikes, wheels with rims, and many other items.

These garage hooks can be mounted on either the ceiling or the wall, depending on what purpose you are planning to use them for. The hooks can carry heavy items, depending on the material on which you will be mounting them.

Installing the hooks on a metal ceiling, you should be able to hang items up to 50 pounds. Other materials like wood or plastic material on which your hooks will be mounted can carry up to 25 pounds.

Garage hooks are very sturdy. You can use them to hang spare tires that you need to store properly, or you can use them to conveniently store your bicycles. You can also use garage hooks to keep your tools stored properly like spades or other heavy power tools.

There are also different materials used for garage hooks, and most of them use tubular steel or stainless steel because of their durability. These steel garage hooks also come with other features like rubber coating and stoppers to help protect the items you will store.

The long arms of these garage hooks can also store long-handled items like brooms, mops, and other similar items.

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These garage hooks are very versatile and can be used for many different purposes.

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2. Ladder Storage Hooks

As the name suggests, ladder storage hooks are meant to help store ladders off the ground in garages or basements. However, you can also use these hangers for other similar items like trolleys, lawn chairs, or tools.

Ladder storage hooks are generally wider and do not look like the standard hook that you typically see. They are meant to hold the wide bars of the foldable ladder, helping spread out the weight while hanging them.

Some ladder storage hooks can also hold big bulky items like a manual lawnmower, or even a small wheelbarrow.

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3. Utility Hooks

This is probably the type of hook that a lot of people are most familiar with—utility hooks. These hooks are not very aesthetically pleasing, but their sturdiness and durability in keeping heavy things in place is what makes them an important accessory to any home.

Utility hooks come in many different materials. Heavy-duty ones can be made of stainless steel, but they can also be made of plastic for lighter use.

If you'd like to install other items like wire baskets or planters, utility hooks can do the job for you. Because of its very simple design, you should be able to mount other storage paraphernalia with the use of these utility hooks.

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4. "S"-shaped Hooks

Pair of metal wrenches hang together off of hooks on yellow pegboard.

Aptly named for its shape, S-shaped hooks look like just a capital 'S'. Originally used by butchers to hang meat for selling, these hooks are still versatile and are widely used in many homes.

If you are looking to store more items in your kitchen without taking out so much space in your cupboards, then S-shaped hooks are what you need. You can use the overhead space of your kitchen counters by installing hanging racks and keep your pots, pans, spoons, and ladles hanging on these hooks.

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5. Removable Hooks

Older versions of these removable hooks used to be simple hooks attached to a suction cup. While useful, it did have its disadvantages like getting poor suction on different surfaces or falling off because of the weight.

Newer versions of these removable hooks now make use of a sturdy adhesive that doesn't leave marks on surfaces. They can now hold heavier weights without you worrying if they will fall off. You can also use them on a variety of surfaces without any issues.

Removable hooks are generally inexpensive and these are perfect for people who cannot drill holes in their walls to attach hooks. Although they are mostly made of plastic, removable hooks are very durable and can hold pretty heavy weights, depending on their size.

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What Should You Use With Storage Hooks

Aside from just hanging things on these hooks, you can also use them together with other items for your storage spaces. One of the best ways to make these hooks work for you is to use them with baskets, shelving, and other storage units.

For small spaces, you can use wire closet shelves to store items in the shelving unit and by hanging some of them on the unit itself. This will make use of your overhead space better, especially if you have very little space to work with.

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If you prefer to keep your items bundled together, you can use your trusty utility hooks with wire baskets. These baskets are great for storing items by stacking them together without taking up so much space.

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Are There Other Hooks That Can Be Used At Home?

Bedroom  Coat Hooks on the back of a closet door.

Technically, there are so many hooks that you can use at home to help organize and make storage easier. There are hooks that have more specific purposes, but most of the standard hooks that we have discussed above can do the same job quite as well.

However, if you are looking into other hooks that you can use at home, here are some examples:

Coat Hooks

Coat hooks generally function for their name—they help you hang your coats inside closets. In most homes, you will find these coat hooks hidden behind closet doors. However, modern interior designers have utilized these hooks to look more aesthetically pleasing so you don't need to hide them anymore.

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Peg Hooks

Peg hooks generally do the same job as coat hooks, but it does have a history of being used for organizing things simply and quickly. Typically installed in a rack or as individual hooks, these peg hooks are used to hold various items like bags, hats, or anything you simply wish to hang.

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Over-the-door Hooks

For those who simply do not have wall space, over-the-door hooks are the perfect way to add storage to any room. Hanging over the door, as the name suggests, you can keep your clothes and bags stored neatly without having to take up closet or wall space.

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Final Thoughts

Keeping things secure at home requires great organization skills and things like heavy-duty hooks to do the heavy lifting for you. Using these storage hooks, you can utilize your space more by keeping items off the ground, and you'll have a cleaner, nicer, more organized home.

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