How To Store A Mattress In A Garage

You have to know the right way to keep your mattress so that you can preserve its great condition. After all, mattresses aren't cheap! If you're planning to store it in your garage, here are some tips from the experts on how to do it.

How to prepare your mattress for garage storage:

  1. Clean the mattress according to the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure it is completely dry.
  2. Cover it with plastic or a storage bag.
  3. Lay it on a flat surface in your garage.

Keep on reading to get more helpful advice about the proper way to store your extra mattress(es) in the garage. This article will also answer if it's okay to store a mattress on its side and give more tips on how to prevent mold growth while in storage. Let's get down to business.

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Can a mattress be stored in a garage?

You might have upgraded your mattress but the old one is still in good condition. Or you just bought an extra for those times when you have family and friends staying over.

While it is a good idea to have an extra mattress on hand, where do you keep it? It is huge and definitely takes up a lot of space in any room. Many of us don't have the luxury of space. Your only option might be your garage but you might have heard someone tell you that it isn't ideal to store a mattress in there.

No, the garage isn't the best place to keep your extra futons or a mattress because of fluctuating temperatures. There would be times when the humidity level could get high which would create an environment that's conducive to the growth of mold and mildew.

In turn, this could lead to the deterioration of your mattress' condition from discoloration to degradation of its interior components. The foam inside the mattress can disintegrate and the coils supporting it could eventually weaken and collapse.

In other words, it would be a complete waste of good money if you don't store your mattress in the right storage unit.

But if the garage is the only place where you have enough room to keep your extra mattress, there are some things that you can do to protect it while in storage.

Moving items including your mattress to your new home

Clean and Dry the Mattress

There are different ways to do this depending on the mattress type that you have. In general, you can vacuum all sides of the mattress to remove as much dirt as you can. Then you apply an upholstery cleaner or whatever cleanser the mattress material is compatible with.

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There must be no dirt and other residue left so as not to attract insects and pests.

Your mattress needs to be thoroughly dry from the top to the bottom before you keep it in storage. Any moisture left can cause bacteria and fungi to grow. These are your enemies when it comes to preserving the good condition of your bed.

They will also cause your mattress to have a funky smell once you take it out of storage and who would want that, right?

Cover the Mattress

Mattress being cover to protect from dust

The cover will serve as your mattress' best defense against external factors that threaten to destroy it. There are two ways to go about this.

You can wrap your mattress in thick plastic and make sure that all ends are completely sealed by using packing tape. This will prevent any foreign particles from chewing through, entering, and settling on your futon's exterior and interior surface.

If you don't want to go through this hassle, it's quite a tedious task especially if your mattress is huge, you can buy a mattress storage bag.

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Since it is specifically designed for mattresses, you can be assured that it'll give them adequate protection from dirt, dust, moisture, insects, and other unwanted particles without going through the hassle of wrapping the huge mattress by yourself.

It is also best to choose a waterproof storage bag to keep it safe from spills and accidents.

Lay the Mattress Flat, Elevated Off the Floor If Possible

This is another important consideration why you need a big space for storing your mattress. You cannot just leave it standing on its side. You need to lay it down on an even surface to ensure that it retains its form and structure. We'll tell you more about this later.

Just to clarify, a flat surface doesn't necessarily pertain to your garage floor. You can put it on top of your working table or boxes that have been put side by side as long as they give you an even surface.

Do these necessary precautions to protect your mattress while it's stored in your garage to help ensure that it stays in great shape and condition.

Is it okay to store a mattress on its side?

As we have mentioned earlier, you must be able to lay your mattress down on a flat surface. This is important to maintain its shape, form, and structure. Thus, it is not recommended to store it on its side.

Mattresses are composed of different layers from comfort layers to transitional down to the base. There are also springs and coils to add support to the top layer. When you put all of these together, you have a heavy and dense structure.

When you lay a mattress on its side, chances are it will get bent or crooked over time since the internal components are lying on one side for too long. It can only bear all the weight for so long as the law of gravity tells us. Eventually, it will lose its support and the structure will give in.

Don't Fold

For the same reason, it is also not recommended to fold your mattress. This will cause the springs and coils to be bent and damaged after which they wouldn't be able to lend adequate support to your mattress.

Don't Pile Items On Top

Here's another reminder as you might be laying your mattress flat on the working table but you're thinking of putting other stuff on top of it to maximize the space it occupies. We totally get it: storage space is very precious!

However, it is not recommended to do so. This will also cause deformation of your mattress as it is constantly exposed to pressure.

So, what you can do to maximize the space is to put all your stuff inside boxes of the same size so that you can lay your mattress on top of those boxes.

Or when you use your work tables, put the storage bins underneath the table instead. Don't put anything on top of it to ensure that it retains its shape and structure.

How do you keep a mattress from molding in storage?

Foam mattress is perfect for good night sleep in your home

We've been talking about the possibility of molding if you keep your mattress in a place with high humidity levels. The garage is one of those places since most garages do not have a temperature-controlled environment.

When mold grows, it can trigger allergies and irritate the skin and respiratory system. They also cause discoloration of your mattress aside from the musty smell. They also attract other insects to settle on the mattress and together they will destroy the exterior and interior components of your bed.

But if you've already made up your mind to store your mattress in your garage, keep these things in mind.

  • Make sure the mattress is clean and dry before you keep it in storage. We cannot stress this enough. A dirty mattress combined with some moisture left is exactly what makes it conducive to mold growth.
  • Help improve the humidity level in the garage. If it's too high, use a dehumidifier. There are portable ones that you can place in the area to regulate the humidity level.
  • Let your mattress breathe. Do this from time to time. You can remove it from its storage bag and just expose it to some fresh air.
  • Clean and rotate. Yes, even while your mattress is in storage, it is still advised that you vacuum it from time to time. Take this opportunity as well to rotate your mattress to ensure even distribution of its filling.
  • Don't put it on the garage floor. This limits proper airflow aside from the possible dirt, dust, and debris that can accumulate on the mattress.
  • Invest in a waterproof and heavy-duty storage bag. This will serve as your best protection against external factors.

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These are just some of the ways that you can protect your mattress from mold infestation. These will ensure that your mattress stays in great condition and is ready to use once you take it out of storage.

Final Thoughts

Comfortable bed with new mattress near wall in room

A mattress is a valuable investment in your home. Make sure you protect it while it is in storage to ensure that it stays in good condition and extends its lifespan.

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