How To Store Blankets In The Attic

Blankets are bulky and take up so much space in our closets. If you're planning to keep them in your attic, we've got tips straight from the experts so that they're kept safe and ready for use when you need them.

To store your blankets in the attic, you need to have them cleaned and dried first. Then you can keep them inside a cedar wood chest, vacuum-sealed bags, or plastic bins. These storage solutions will protect them from heat, moisture, dust, dirt, and other unwanted external factors.

Keep on reading so we can let you in on some of the top recommendations for storage solutions for your extra blankets in your attic. We'll also give you tips on how to keep your sheets fresh while in storage. Let's get started!

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Can I store bedding in the attic?

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One of the biggest challenges that you will encounter in organizing your home is where to keep your spare blankets. You might be able to fit one or two in your closet but you already know that it would mean giving up precious space for your clothes and other parts of your wardrobe.

So, of course, the best thing to do is look for a suitable place where you can keep your extra blankets until it's time to use them again.

In reality, most of us do not have the luxury of space, right? Most do not have extra bedrooms that they can turn into a storage area. Oftentimes, the best available option is the attic.

But we all know that the attic has fluctuating temperatures. It can get really hot in the summer months and very cold in the winter. This makes us wonder if it is a good idea to store our blankets there.

Let's face it! The attic isn't an ideal place to store our blankets and bedding because of the varying temperatures. This can affect the fabrics, especially those made of natural fibers like wool. 

It is also a place where bugs, mice, and other house pests can thrive. The heat, moisture, and insects can ruin your treasured blankets!

But if that's the only place in your home where you have storage space, there are things that you can do to preserve the condition of your bedding while they are kept in the attic.

Here are some practical storage solutions for you.

Put Blankets Inside A Cedar Chest

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You can use a wooden chest to store your precious blankets. Cedar can withstand fluctuating temperatures.

It also has natural oils that can repel insects and moths which address the home pests issue. It also shuts tight to protect your bedding from dust, dirt, and other external factors that threaten to ruin its condition.

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Before putting your blankets inside, sand the interior of your chest properly. This will help ensure that it is smooth and even. There are no stuck-out portions that would damage the fabric.

Sanding the cedar wood would also help activate its natural oils and release their scent to keep unwanted creatures away.

It is also advised to sand your wooden chest regularly as part of its maintenance and to continue releasing the oils that make this storage solution very effective in protecting your blankets from unwanted environmental elements.

Vacuum Seal Your Blankets

Vacuum sealing (clothes, duvets, blankets, sheets) to save space.

Even if you're storing your blankets in the attic, you still need to make sure that you maximize your storage space up there. We all know how bulky bedding can get that's why vacuum sealing is a genius solution to lessen the space that they occupy in your storage area.

However, take note that vacuum sealing isn't recommended for all types of blankets. In particular, you cannot put your comforters with delicate down and feather fillings in vacuum-sealed bags. The feathers can snap which can result in a very lumpy comforter.

Vacuum sealing can also cause some comforters to lose their form and structure taking away their ability to provide us comfort during cold winter nights.

It is safe to say that you can put bedding made of synthetic polyester fibers in vacuum bags. But it is still best to check the manufacturer's instructions and product information to know which ones can be stored this way.

Pre-made Vacuum Storage Bags

There are vacuum storage bags that are readily available on the market. Just put the blankets inside the bag. Do not overfill it. You will notice that these bags have a maximum fill line so use this as your guide to choosing the right size for your storage needs.

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Use your handheld vacuum to suck the excess air out of the bag, compress the blanket then slide the zipper at the top to seal it.

DIY Vacuum Storage Bags

Truth is, you don't need to buy storage bags. You can use large plastic trash bags that you have at home. Put the blankets and comforters in separate plastic bags.

Gather the top portion of the bag and insert the nozzle of the vacuum inside it. Remove as much air as possible as you compress the bedding. Seal the top with the use of packing tape or zip tie whichever is available.

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Blanket Storage Tips For The Attic

Clean The Blankets

Before you store your blankets, make sure that they have been laundered properly and dried completely. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and drying. A dirty blanket would attract insects and mice.

Meanwhile, when you store a blanket that hasn't dried completely, the moisture will be a conducive environment for the growth of mold and mildew. All of these will cause the deterioration of the condition of your blanket.

Manage Attic Airflow

It is also important to ensure adequate airflow in the attic. During fair weather, you can open the vents and windows to allow air to circulate. You may also invest in a portable dehumidifier to control the humidity level within the acceptable range.

It is an added expense on your part but it is totally worth it in ensuring that your valuables are protected from moisture and damage.

Can you store blankets in plastic containers?

Storage Containers on Shelf

Plastic bins and containers are popular choices for organizing home stuff. What we love about them is that they are available in different sizes and come with lids to ensure that your belongings stay safe and clean while inside. These plastic storage bins are also durable. Mice can't chew their way inside.

Yes, you can store your blankets and comforters -but only those made of synthetic fabric and polyester fillings- inside these plastic containers. Choose bins that are large enough to be able to accommodate several blankets.

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This way, all if not most of your blankets are inside one container. This makes it easier to access them when it's the blanket season again.

How do you keep bedding fresh in storage?

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We take the extra effort to store our blankets and sheets properly so that when the time comes that we need to use them, they will be good to go. This means that they have stayed clean and fresh while in storage. Who wants to use a dirty and foul-smelling blanket anyway, right?

The key here is in ensuring that your blankets are clean and dry before you keep them in your storage area.

The accumulation of dirt, debris, sweat, spills and food residue can cause your bedding to have a funky smell. The odor can worsen if kept in storage in this condition for a long time. They can even attract unwanted organisms to settle in the crevices of your blankets and comforters.

You have to make sure that the sheets are completely dry before storage. Otherwise, the excess moisture will create an environment where mold and mildew thrive. In turn, these can cause your blankets to lose their freshness.

Aside from cleaning and drying your sheets, you can also put dryer sheets, cedar or lavender sachets, scented soap, or a box of baking soda inside the storage containers to ensure that your blankets stay fresh while you keep them in the attic.

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Final Thoughts

Thick and heavy blankets are seasonal. Since you would only need them during the winter season, you can store them in your attic so that they won't occupy all the space in your closet. Just make sure that you protect them from humidity and pests to preserve their good condition until you have to use them again.

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