How To Ship A Fishing Rod [Plus, How Much Does It Cost]?

Are you planning to ship a fishing rod internationally and domestically? Fishing rods are so delicate that you can find packing and shipping them difficult. So, how do we ship them? Worry no more since we conducted thorough research on how you should ship them correctly.

Firstly, you can ship the fishing rod by preparing a lot of bubble wrap, polystyrene, and packaging tape. Also, you may have to prepare a durable container to hold and protect the fishing rod. You can create a fishing rod case or visit your local fishing gear shop and inquire if they have any spare tubes from rods they have received.

Please read on if you want to know more details about shipping a fishing rod. Additionally, we have so many additional topics to discuss, and we are sure you don't want to miss them. Let’s delve into the details!

Shipping A Fishing Rod

Fishing rod on a wooden dock.

Fishing rods require special handling. And in most cases, the Post Office will not accept precisely long items. Furthermore, some couriers may even need an extra charge if the package you will ship exceeds a particular length.

How To Mail A Fishing Rod?

You can choose from different options in shipping fishing rods. However, that will depend on the fishing rod you are shipping.

Suppose you will mail a two-piece or telescopic rod; good for you since it is straightforward. You can reduce it to the correct size that will fit the size requirements of the post office, making it manageable to ship.

On the other hand, a one-piece rod will make it more complex and complicated. The reason is that most of the couriers don't want to handle and ship something long like that.

To prepare the fishing rod for shipping, you must put the fishing rod inside a PVC tube. And it would be best to wrap the fishing rod using bubble wrap to protect it correctly. As much as possible, use a generous amount of bubble wrap and tape both ends of the tube to prevent the rod from moving.

Below is a detailed explanation of preparing the fishing rod for shipping.

How To Pack Fishing Rods For Shipment

  1. First, check the fishing rod you are going to ship. Getting it into its shortest structure would be best if you have a two-piece or telescopic fishing rod.
  2. It would be best to wrap them both individually using bubble wrap. As much as possible, pay attention to both ends of the rod. Ensure you secured it correctly in place by using packing tape.
  3. Place the components in the tube and fill it with a generous amount of bubble wrap or polystyrene to keep it from moving after setting it in place.
  4. Once you finish keeping every rod component in place, you should now seal the ends of the tube by covering it with another layer of bubble wrap for better security.
  5. And the most important thing you should never forget is to put a 'Fragile Please Handle with Care' sticker to warn the courier about the item's fragility inside.
  6. Lastly, you must measure and weigh the rod you just finished packing since the shipping cost will vary depending on its measurement and weight.

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How To Pack Multiple Fishing Rods?

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Buying a big enough tube means you’ll be able to pack and ship multiple fishing rods inside it. However, if you are having doubts about the safety of the rods using a single tube, you can always opt to wrap or pack them individually. It would be best not to compromise the safety and security of your items.

You have to wrap the fishing rods with enough bubble wrap and place them in opposite directions. In addition, you also have to ensure that the butts extend at least an inch or two beyond the tips and that the ends are well-padded.

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How Much Does Shipping A Fishing Rod Cost?

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There are some factors that determine the cost of shipping. And they are the weight, size, and destination where you want to ship the item.

Sending a short to a medium fishing rod by standard ground delivery will cost around $24 to $42. And that size is approximately between six and eight feet long.

On the other hand, a longer rod ranges from nine feet to 13 feet. And those fishing rod sizes will have a shipping cost of between $200 to $500. And those fishing rods that are longer than a hundred inches will require cargo shipment.

How Much Does A Fishing Rod Cost?

Two fishing rods held in fishing rod holders, attached to a back of a boat. The rods are bent from the weight of the down riggers.

When buying fishing rods, you can choose between two options, depending on what suits your budget.

There is already a spinning combo of rod and reel available in fishing gear stores between $40 and $50. That will be the cheapest option available. And there are also some spinning combos that cost up to $80.

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However, if you are someone who wants quality fishing gear, you can opt to buy a rod and reel separately with upgraded features. Although you will spend a little more if you choose this option, expect your fishing experience to be better, more enjoyable, and might make your fishing experience easier to manage.

A spinning rod will cost between $35 and $40, while the reel costs between $25 and $30.

Best Shipping Options For A Fishing Rod

If you want the cheapest way of shipping a fishing rod, you should go for USPS. They prioritize a two-inch PVC tube which should cost less than $15.

In addition, if you are going to ship a fishing rod for only a short distance, it would be best to go for FedEx.

How To Ship A Fishing Rod On A Plane?

Shipping of sharp fishing tackle in a plane will require more safety factors. Those large fish hooks, for instance, will need a protective casing. You should wrap them securely and carefully, and you must place them in your checked luggage.

Also, you may want to put your pricey reels or fragile tackle that does not represent a security risk in your carry-on bags, just like high-value items.

Can You Fit A Fishing Rod In A Car?

When transporting fishing rods in a car, you will choose between two options. First, you can transport it using the inside of the car, or second, in the roof rack.

If it is time to transport and you won't be having any passengers, you should consider placing the fishing rod containers vertically, at an angle from the front windshield to the back windshield. But first, you should recline the front seat all the way down.

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Leaving A Fishing Rod In A Car

Luggage space of a car full of fishing equipment. There are some backpacks and wooden cases outside the car placed on the ground.

Leaving a fishing rod in a car is never a good idea. Cars become hot inside, especially when you leave them under direct sunlight. Heat can weaken a fishing rod. I

n addition, it would be best not to let your fishing rod continuously bounce up and down on the same area after laying it over a boat gunnel or anything hard in your car or truck.

Wrap It All Up

Shipping a fishing rod should be straightforward as long as you pack them carefully and correctly. Shipping prices would be the least of your concern as long as you know that the shipping items are safe and secure.

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