How To Ship Candles

Candles are great gifts, and they are products that are definitely taking the e-commerce market by storm. Fortunately, we have gone through lots of research to know more about how to ship candles including tips on keeping your candles looking perfect.

Shipping candles requires a few things to ensure their safety during transit. First, the candles should be cushioned and packed properly in the right boxes. Secondly, make sure to guard your candles against melting. And finally, look for the best options in choosing your courier for shipping.

We know that this might sound a little too complicated for something so simple as sending candles. This is why we will be breaking down the proper ways on shipping your candles in this post. Do keep on reading because we will also give you the best tips on how to make shipping candles easy and fun.

Scented candles, orchids, hot rocks inside a relaxation spa, How To Ship Candles

How To Ship Candles

If you're looking into sending gifts that are both relaxing and pretty to look at, candles are the way to go. They are great gifts for any occasion, and you will surely find different kinds that will best suit your recipients. If you're looking into doing a crafty business, candles are also great products to start with.

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However, while they might be beautiful to look at and easy to make for a business, candles can be a little challenging to ship out. This is because of the candles' tendency to melt during shipping, as well as the containers used for the candles.

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Candles can also be shipped using most couriers. Shipping costs depends on the size of your package and how soon you want your recipient to receive it. Pick the most efficient shipping method for you so that the candles are still intact when received.

Here are some ways on how to ship candles depending on their type:

Glass Jar Candles, Votive, and Gel Candles

These candles are always packaged in glass jars, which makes them the heaviest candles you will probably ship out. The glass jar's weight adds to the challenge of shipping, so it is important that you use heavy-duty corrugated boxes for these candles.

  1. Wrap your candles in tissue paper and secure it nicely with your personalized sticker.
  2. Cut a lengthy piece of bubble wrap, enough to wrap 1 or 2 inches thick around your candle. Secure the bubble wrap with tape.
  3. Pick a shipping box that allows about 2 inches of space around the candle.
  4. Put a layer of packing peanuts on the bottom of your box. If you are shipping multiple candles in one box, make sure to use box dividers to prevent the glass jars from bumping each other.
  5. Fill the spaces with packing peanuts. Make sure to also cover the top of the jar before closing the box.
  6. Shake your box lightly to see if you have used enough packing peanuts inside. If you feel or hear your candle moving around, you need to add more packing peanuts to prevent it from shaking.
  7. Seal your box with shipping tape. Do not forget to add a "FRAGILE" and/or "DO NOT STACK" sticker on your box as well.
  8. Create a mailing label and stick it on your box. You may now have your candles shipped through the courier.


Tealights are easier to ship because they are usually made in tin containers and they are less fragile than jar candles. There are available tealight boxes or kraft paper window boxes that do well as packaging for your tealights. You can also use a cardboard tube to ship your tealights.

Tealight Boxes

  1. Wrap the tealight box in a layer of bubble wrap before placing inside a bubble mailer.
  2. Attach a "FRAGILE" sticker and seal the mailer properly.
  3. Print your mailing label and mail your package accordingly.

Carboard Tube

  1. Use a cardboard tube that is a little bigger than the diameter of your tealights. This makes it easier to put and take out the tealights.
  2. Seal the tube and place the mailing label before shipping.

Taper Candles

These candles are often sold in sets of two, four, or even twelve. While they are sold in sets, it would be best to wrap each one separately in bubble wrap to prevent breaking. Place the candles in divided sections so that they won't bump into each other during shipping.

  1. Wrap your packaging box with bubble wrap before putting it inside a bubble mailer. If there are multiple boxes, place it inside a bigger mailing box and fill it with packing peanuts.
  2. Seal the mailer or box with packing tape and place a "FRAGILE" sticker on top.
  3. Print the mailing label and ship accordingly.


Pillar candles should be wrapped individually because they run the risk of melting into each other. Since pillar candles do not have a container, it is important to protect it from bumps and scratches to maintain the quality of the candle.

  1. Wrap the candle individually with tissue paper and secure it with your sticker.
  2. Cut a good length of bubble wrap and wrap the candle in about one or two layers.
  3. Place the candles upright inside the box. Do not lay the pillar candle on its side because it will get deformed if placed inside the box this way.
  4. Surround the candles with packing peanuts, making sure it is snug and it does not move around inside the box. Seal the box properly.
  5. Add a "FRAGILE" and/or "DO NOT STACK" sticker. Print your mailing label and have it sent out for shipping.

How To Prevent Candles From Melting During Shipping

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Since candles are made of wax, there is a very high tendency for your candles to melt during shipping. This is especially true if you are using soy wax or beeswax for your candles—they have a low melting temperature which can make shipping them more difficult.

Candles often melt during shipping because trucks and vans do tend to get hot during transit. If you are shipping your candles using regular service (which can take days,) your candles are at risk of melting. Consider using an express shipping service to lessen the time your candles will be exposed to heat.

During the summer, the temperatures can make courier vehicles even hotter than usual. To keep candles from melting when shipping over the summer, invest in insulated mailers that help reduce radiant heat to your products.

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Using frozen gel packs can also help prevent your candles from melting. These gel packs can be used together with your insulated mailers to ensure that the candles will be at an optimal cold temperature during shipping.

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What Is The Best Packaging For Shipping Candles

Handmade scented candles ready for shipping

One of the most common packaging materials used for candles is glass and tin containers. While they might look really pretty, it does come with a price—these materials are fragile and often breaks during shipping. This is why proper packaging is needed when shipping candles.

When shipping candles, there are a number of items that are very important to keep them from breaking. You will need heavy-duty corrugated boxes, lots of bubble wrap, packing paper, and packing peanuts to secure candles during shipping.

Depending on the type of candles that you will be shipping, heavy-duty corrugated boxes are best because they seal well and you can pack it with lots of peanuts. They also make for a great unboxing experience, especially if you customize them for your gifts or business.

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Packing paper, tissue paper, and bubble wrap are important packing materials to help ensure that your candles stay intact during shipping. You can even customize your package by using colored tissue paper, or even honeycomb packing paper to make your candles look nice even when packed.

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Lastly, packing peanuts. A lot of people think that this isn't important, but if you are shipping very fragile candles, this is a must. Packing peanuts help keep your candles snug and secure inside the boxes so that they don't bump and get jostled while shipping.

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Final Thoughts

Scented candles, orchids, hot rocks inside a relaxation spa

If you are looking to send gifts that can be relaxing and beautiful, then candles are the way to go. They might be a little but more complicated to ship than regular gifts, but the experience of unboxing pretty things like this will surely be a great way to impart memorable memories to your recipients.

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