How To Pack Crystal And Stemware For Moving

Crystal and stemware deserve the utmost attention when moving. You may want to pack them but are still scared that they might get damaged. Luckily, we have researched how to pack crystal and stemware without getting any broken, and here's what we found.

When packing crystal and stemware either using dividers or without dividers, make sure they are tightly packed. The following are step-by-step procedures for packing crystal and stemware:

  • Prepare the box by padding the base and individual sections if divided.
  • Wrap the crystal and stemware in layers of tissue paper or newspaper.
  • Place the glasses in the box, stem-side downward.
  • Top up the box with bubble wrap to prevent unwanted movements/shifting, and tape shut.

Packing crystal and stemware can be a daunting task. They are fragile and you don't want to risk them getting broken in transit. Continue reading to get more detailed information on how to pack crystal and stemware for moving.

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Packing Crystal And Stemware For Moving

You can pack crystal and stemware with or without a divider. But you need to be very careful when doing so. It is better to use a lot of paper. The aim is to safely get these items to your desired location.

When wrapping stemware, you should be mindful of the stem which is the most fragile part. Even though you use a lot of paper, the survival of the stem won't be guaranteed if the pressure is too much. Still, protecting this part is essential.

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Packing With Dividers

Even though dividers stabilize the cartons and protect your stem crystal and stemware, the essential part of packing still applies. Here are step-by-step procedures for packing crystal and stemware with dividers:

Step 1: Prepare The Box

Prepare the cells in your boxes so your glassware can fit in properly. When packing your crystal and stemware, make sure to stuff paper between layers to create a cushion. Remember to pad the base of your box.

Avoid lining the base of your carton with only crumpled paper no matter what is at the bottom. Cover the thick, tight layer of crumpled-up paper with more than one crumpled and uncrumpled paper sheet.

Making those crumpled-up paper balls stay all set under the weight of all the crystal and stemware may not be easy. But this stops your dividers from sinking and possibly making the stemware prone to damage.

Step 2: Wrap The Crystal And Stemware

Place the glass on several sheets of tissue paper. Wrap the glass carefully, while tucking the tissue over the upper part and around the base. If you still have excess paper after wrapping, gently fold it around the globe and stem.

Step 3: Insert The Crystal And Stemware

Carefully place the glass into one of the cells, always make sure the stem goes in first. If there is still excess space inside the cell, wrap the glass with a few sheets of paper before placing it back into the cell. You can also add more paper under and on top to occupy the space in each cell.

Step 4: Top Up The Box And Seal

After arranging the glasses inside each cell, place bubble wrap or tissue paper on the packed glasses so there will be no room for movement. Next, close the box and shake gently. If the glasses rattle, this means there is some empty space in the box that needs to be filled.

Open the box and add extra tissue paper or bubble wrap in the empty spaces. Close the box again and seal with packing tape.

Packing Without Dividers

For your content to be well protected when packing without dividers, the layer of paper at the bottom of the carton should be stable. Follow these steps when packing crystal and stemware without dividers

Step 1: Prep The Box With Layers Of Packaging Materials

You will be needing enough cushioning since you are packing the stemware without dividers. When packing without dividers, make sure that the cushioning below each layer of covered stemware is thick and stable.

Step 2: Wrap The Glass

For better protection, wrap the glasses in one layer of paper before wrapping them in multiple layers of bubble wrap. If the stem of your glasses is long, you need to be mindful when wrapping. Make sure to create a more cylindrical item because they allow for a denser and tighter pack.

Step 3: Set The Wrapped Glass In The Box

Carefully place the glasses in the box. When packing without the vertical dividers, jam the box with paper between the layers and also between and around the glasses.

Cover the package with flat paper and then pack another layer of glasses. Remember, the glasses should be packed upside down, with a thick layer of paper at the top.

Step 4: Secure The Box

Close the box and shake it carefully. If it clatters, open the box and fill in any empty space with paper. Close the box again and check if there are still empty spaces. If none, use at least a strip of tape to close the center of the box. Also, place one strip over each flap.

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Pros And Cons of Packing Crystal And Stemware With Dividers

Crystal and stemware are delicate items that need to be packed with care. They are packed with dividers to prevent glasses from sliding around, making them break.


  • Dividers keep crystal and stemware organized during transit.
  • Separate compartments make it easy to pack and unpack the stemware.
  • Dividers help to separate glasses of different shapes or sizes.
  • The dividers will keep the glasses from clinking together, preventing breaks.


  • Dividers take up a lot of space in the box.
  • It may be difficult to find a suitable divider for your glassware.
  • Organizing the cell dividers takes time.

Can I Wrap Crystal In Newspaper?

Crystal can be wrapped in newspaper. Leaving your glassware wrapped in dry newsprint or newspaper for a short amount of time won't stain them. When packing with newspaper, make sure to arrange each glass down on the piece of newspaper.

When using a newspaper, always double up your fragile stemware since newspapers are thinner than the normal packing papers

Can I Pack Crystal And Stemware Without Paper?

Packing paper is one of the most affordable packing materials that can be used to protect crystal and stemware when moving. But there are other alternatives. Instead of packing your crystal and stemware with paper, you can use socks, t-shirts, or any soft cloth to wrap them individually.

Then, tightly pack them in a carton. Make sure to fill any gap with clothes to prevent damage. This is one of the oldest ways of packing fragile items. The only drawback is that it occupies more space in the box.

Should Crystal And Stemware Be Packed Upside Down?

Glasses should be packed in the box the same way they are packed in the cupboard. You can arrange them right-side-up or upside-down, but it is not advisable to pack them sideways. This is to ensure that they are not broken while in transit.

Why Do People Tape Glass When Moving?

People add masking tape to a glass surface to make the glass stronger and absorb shock. However, if it eventually breaks in transit, the tape keeps the glass together, making cleanup easier. To protect your glass make sure to avoid overspeeding or bumpy roads.

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Is Bubble Wrap Or Paper Better For Packing?

You can use either packing paper or bubble wrap. If you want to save space or protect the surfaces of your glass from getting scratched, it is better to use paper. Crumple the loose paper at the edges or uses tape to secure your items. But for overall protection, bubble wrap is better.

For a long time now, paper stuffing has been used to protect packages instead of bubble wrap. Since paper is recyclable, finding different paper packaging products that are environmentally friendly is easy.

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Final Takeaways

Packing crystal and stemware for moving is a delicate process. The items should be wrapped in bubble wrap or paper to protect them from breaking during the move. The wrapping should also be sturdy enough to withstand any bumps that may happen during the move.

If you prefer using dividers when packing stemware, make sure to level the carton. You should also fill the cells tightly, making sure the stems won't stick out from the top. If you don't want to use dividers, always use plenty of paper.

Cushion your carton well and make sure it is very stable. A stable layer of paper under the box is critical for the overall protection of your glassware. Remember to pack your stemware upside down.

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