How High To Hang Key Hooks Or Key Rack?

Having to scramble to find your keys while in a hurry is something you've likely experienced. Generally, installing a key hook is a straightforward solution, but you may be unsure of the proper height to fix it. Luckily, we have done the legwork for you, and here's what we found. 

When it comes to the height your key hooks should be hung, there are no hard and fast rules. But it is better to hang your key hooks halfway between your shoulder and eye level, rather than higher or lower. That should be between 60 and 66 inches from ground level. 

While you can go ahead and install your key hooks right now, you should keep reading because we will cover several aspects related to affixing key hooks in this article.

Row of Keys on Key Rack - How High To Hang Key Hooks Or Key Rack

Height To Hang Key Hooks Or Key Rack

Door, house, and car keys hanging on hooks on a wall.

Ideally, key hooks or racks should be reachable and high enough to prevent children from playing with the keys. When deciding how high to hang your key hooks or racks, consider the size of the area in which they will be located and the heights of those that will use them. 

Key hooks are often installed at a height between 60-66 inches. On the other hand, the height can be customized to your preference. Your key hooks should be hung at eye level, which is the optimal height.

Variables such as the size and shape of the key hook should not greatly affect this measurement. However, depending on where you place your key hooks, you may need to adjust this measurement based on the space available on your wall.

Why Key Hooks Should Be Hung At Certain Heights

Hanging your key hooks between the shoulder and eye height is critical since it ensures that your keys are always in your direct line of sight. This not only makes it easier to remember where your keys are, but it also makes them more accessible while you are stepping out the door to leave your house. 

Hanging key hooks at eye height keeps them out of the reach of children. This is a key aspect -if you will- because curious fingers mean that keys could go unexpectedly missing!

Key holder with keys hanging on the wall

Where Should I Hang Key Hooks Or Key Rack?

When installing a key hook or rack, choose a location that is both attractive and convenient. If you have many entrances to your home, it is better to fix your key hooks near the ones you use often.

The Front Door

Wooden hanger for keys on light green wall

You should consider affixing the hook at the front door so you can easily hang or grab your keys when entering or exiting your home. The front doors in most homes or apartments are the frequently used ones. But some prefer to park in the garage and enter through the laundry room or mudroom. 

After finding the ideal location, measure the area on the wall to see whether the key hook will fit. For simple key hooks, you will only need a small space. A multipurpose hook, on the other hand, will require extra width and height on the wall.

Away From The Door Frame

It is also better to hang the key hooks at least three inches from the door frame regardless of whether you enter through the front, back, or side door. This is to avoid accidentally bumping while entering or exiting.

It is also important to consider security while deciding where to place your key hook. You don't want your keys in the hands of the wrong person. To avoid this, choose a safe location to hang your key hook. 

Can I Hang My Keys Outside?

It is never a brilliant idea to hang your keys outside, no matter how safe your area may be. Some people might be careless about this.

If you have to hang your key somewhere outside your home never write your name, phone number, address, or any other personal information on it. Also, never mention to anyone that you usually hang your key somewhere outside your house.

Keys Hanged On The Wall

How Far Apart Should Key Hooks Be?

The distance between each key hook should be determined by the amount of space available and the number of hooks required. A minimum of one inch is an ideal space to avoid pushing other keys or items to the ground as you reach for your key ring. 

However, it is better to measure your space and do some preliminary math before proceeding. The first and last hooks should be approximately half an inch (1.3 centimeters) apart from the ends. The hooks should be spaced uniformly along the length of the board.

After determining the appropriate spacing for your key hooks, make slight marks where you want your hooks to hang. This will assist you in evenly spacing them apart. Also, make use of a level to ensure that your key hooks are perfectly vertical.

Where Do I Keep My Spare Keys?

Having a safe place to store an extra set of keys is important. However, if you misplace your house keys, having a spare set inside your home is useless. Regardless of the circumstances, keeping spare keys inside your house is not the best. 

Never keep an extra key in your wallet. It has your home address located on your driver's license. Anyone can easily gain access to your home if you misplace your wallet.

The following are safe places to keep your spare keys:

  • Under your front doormat. It's simple to get your spare keys under your doormat. The disadvantage here is that thieves can easily access it.
  • Junk drawer: It's safe and secure but they are usually inside. If your junk drawer is outside your house you can keep your spare keys there.
  • Storage unit: It is a safe place to keep your spare key.
  • Vehicle: you can easily reach your spare key if they are in your car.
  • Under a stone: You can keep a spare key in any stone laying around close to your house. Keys kept here can easily be collected when needed.

What Is A Key Holder?

Row of Keys on Key Rack

A key holder, also known as a keychain, is a little chain or ring that can hold a number of keys, making it easier to keep all keys together. This is a simple, cheap, and easy way to personalize the way you carry your keys. With keyholders, you can hardly lose your keys.

Keyholders are usually made of metal and have a loop that you can put keys through. You can hang them on your belt for easy assessment. Additionally, you can identify your keys with a keychain, especially when lost. They come in different shapes and sizes so you can get the one you prefer.

Final Takeaways

No matter how you decide to install your key hook, keep in mind that, the hooks should be installed midway between your shoulder and eye level, probably between 60 and 66 inches above the ground level.

Don't forget to leave enough space between the hooks and your door frame so that you don't bump into them. Avoid installing your key hooks too low so children won't reach them.

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