How Big Are Self Storage Units?

If you're shopping around for a storage unit, you might wonder how big a unit you can actually obtain? We've completed thorough research about the sizes of self-storage units. We found out that they have many sizes but all of them fall into three, primary size categories.

The three sizes of self-storage units are:

  • Small self-storage units that range from 5'x5' to 5'x10'
  • Medium self-storage units that range from 5'x15' to 10'x10'
  • Large self-storage units that range from 10'x15' to 10'x25'

If you want to find out what are the things a particular self-storage unit size can fit, we suggest you keep reading. Moreover, reading the post will also help you out in the future, in case you are planning to utilize a storage unit.

Self Storage Units, How Big Are Self Storage Units?

Different Sizes Of Self-Storage Units

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To make picking a self-storage unit size more manageable for you, we will provide you with detailed information about the dimensions.

1. Small Self-Storage Units

A small self-storage unit ranges from 5'x5' to 5'x10'. It may seem small, but it can offer more space than you assume. And to give you an idea of where you can use a small self-storage unit, check the list below:

  • You can use it as seasonal storage. Primarily for holiday decorations and tools for your yard.
  • Storage for the summer, especially for students.
  • Extra space while renovating a room.
  • Storage for your children's toys, clothes, books, and other things that they don't use anymore.
  • To add more space at home by putting unnecessary things into a self-storage unit.

5'x5' storage units (25 square feet and 200 cubic feet)

5'x5' storage unit is like a small walk-in closet. And if you want to know what are the things that can fit in here, they are:

  • Chairs
  • Boxes
  • Christmas tree
  • Mattress in full size
  • Dresser
  • Desk

5'x10' storage units (50 square feet and 400 cubic feet)

It is identical to a walk-in closet in medium size. And the things that can fit here are:

  • Mattress in king or queen sizes
  • Couch
  • Dresser
  • Refrigerator
  • Motorcycle
  • Boxes

2. Medium Self-storage Units

Medium self-storage units measure 5'x15' to 10'x10'. This size offers versatility, and you can use it for things such as:

  • Extra storage to free up some space in your home.
  • You can utilize it to store your business equipment, materials, and inventory.
  • Use as storage for the things from your condo unit or apartment.

5'x15' storage units (75 square feet and 600 cubic feet)

To set an example of its size, it can hold all the contents of a whole bedroom. And you can even put an additional couch, television, and some boxes. Also, this self-storage size is famous for people who are moving out of a small condo unit or apartment.

And with this particular size, you can put:

  • Desk
  • Sofa
  • Furniture for bedroom
  • Washer and dryer
  • Chairs and table for dining
  • Refrigerator
  • boxes

10'x10' storage units (100 square feet and 800 cubic feet)

You can refer to it as the size of half an average one-car garage. And you can store things here the same as those that can fit into a two-bedroom apartment. Additionally, the things that you can place here comprise:

  • The things that two bedrooms can accommodate
  • The contents of a whole living area
  • Appliances
  • A grand piano
  • Furniture from the dining and kitchen
  • Several boxes

3. Large Self-storage Units

Large self-storage units can fit the things that an entire home consists of. And they are frequently used for:

  • Storing the stuff inside a whole house, especially when moving to another.
  • Storing some vehicles, such as cars and smaller RVs.
  • Large-scale commercial storage requirements.

10'x15' storage units (150 square feet and 1,200 cubic feet)

This self-storage unit size can fit the contents of several bedrooms' furniture capacity, plus extra items. Some of the things that you can store here are:

  • All things that two or three bedrooms can accommodate
  • All furniture from the living area
  • A large number of boxes
  • Items and vehicles from a garage
  • Inventory, materials, and equipment for business storage

10'x20' storage units (200 square feet and 1,600 cubic feet)

This self-storage size can accommodate the things that a multi-bedroom house can hold. Moreover, some of the items that it can fit are:

  • The furniture from the living room
  • Several bedroom furniture sets
  • Furniture from a patio
  • Dining table and chairs
  • Kitchen furniture
  • Some outdoor equipment, including a snowblower and land mower
  • Cars in medium size. And that includes vans, SUVs, and sedans
  • A significant number of boxes

10'x25' storage units (250 square feet and 2000 cubic feet)

Open self storage unit full of cardboard boxes with Van

You can place all the contents of a fully furnished house with three bedrooms in this self-storage size. Also, the things you can store here are:

  • Furniture of an entire living area
  • All furniture in the three bedrooms
  • Home appliances that include dryers, washers, refrigerators, and many more
  • Commercial parts, materials, and equipment storage
  • Furniture in a whole patio
  • A substantial number of boxes
  • The contents of an entire garage
  • A considerable pickup vehicle or van
  • A tiny watercraft or motorhome

Tips For Organizing Your Self-storage Unit

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There are some tips you should know to make the organizing process of your self-storage unit easier to handle.

  • As much as possible, use plastic containers or moving boxes uniform in size.
  • It would always be best to group the boxes according to their weight and fragility. Place the heavier boxes at the bottom and those fragile things at the top.
  • You should not stack more than four boxes on top of each other.
  • You can put some lighter boxes on top of solid furniture to save space.
  • Put those items in front that you think you will need access to make getting things easier later.

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How To Estimate The Storage Unit Size You Need

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You should not lightly take the choosing process of a self-storage unit size because it is tricky, and you'll want to choose the size that will appropriately fit all the things you need. To start, you should:

1. Make a list of everything you own

Knowing how much stuff you have is the first thing you should do. Count all the items, from boxes up to appliances and furniture. Ensure to note every item and box you have to refer back to later.

2. Examine your storage choices at home twice

Once you finish performing an inventory, we suggest double-checking your home for the available storage space. Additionally, you can use some space in your empty closets as storage and the unused space in your garage.

Furthermore, the cost difference between a small self-storage unit and a medium self-storage unit is about $840 per year. So, you should double-check the available space if you want to save a lot of money.

3. Estimate Your Space

You can estimate the space you need by measuring your belongings first.

Square feet (sq.ft.)

You have to multiply the length and width of your items. If they produce a 5'×5' pile, you'll need at least a 25-square-foot self-storage unit.

Cubic feet (cu.ft.)

Multiply your stuff's width, length, and height. You'll need a storage facility with at least 75 cubic feet if they construct a pile that measures 5'x5'x5'.

You can measure your stuff by putting it into a pile and estimating the stack. Another approach is to measure all of your belongings individually, measuring their width, length, and height.

4. Choose between a small, medium, or large self-storage unit

Once you finish measuring everything, you will have to decide what size you need for all your items. There are numerous self-storage unit sizes. However, they will all fall into these three categories.

5. Look into specific measurements

The last step to determining the size of the self-storage you require is to contact some storage facilities and select the appropriate size. Additionally, you can save a lot of money per year if you choose a large enough unit to accommodate all your belongings but not so huge that there is a lot of space.

Benefits Of Self-storage Units In Businesses

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Self-storage units are indeed helpful, most especially for business owners. They can get one immediately whenever they need it. And the benefits business owners can get from a self-storage unit are:

  • If there is an emergency, such as a fire or storm, you can use this as your storage
  • Relocating office furniture and stockpiling
  • Home office storage
  • Keeping excess inventory in the business
  • Seasonal stock storage, such as Christmas or any holiday decorations for the company
  • Storage for the company archives
  • Storing the company products and samples

In Conclusion

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There are so many things you can do in a self-storage unit. And to make the most out of it, you should always consider choosing one with an appropriate size for your belongings. While it fits all of your items perfectly, it will also save you a lot of money per year.

We hope you find this article useful. And if you want more of our help, you can always check our website or check out the posts below. We'd love to help you more!

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