Do Cedar Blocks Absorb Moisture

Cedar blocks fill closets, drawers, and any other storage spaces with the aromatic fresh scent of nature and cedar wood. This is not its most prevailing characteristic that you will surely gain. We have researched every aspect you need to know about cedar blocks and how you will benefit from them. 

Cedar blocks are made from cedar wood which is why it effectively absorbs moisture in the air. It prevents mold and mildew from growing on your clothing and any other belongings inside your drawers and cabinets. 

Most of us are not that familiar with cedar balls. It has several benefits and is a better alternative to mothballs. If you wish to find out more about this material, continue reading!

Eco friendly natural wood cedar next to towels, Do Cedar Blocks Absorb Moisture

What are cedar blocks or cedar balls?

Cedar blocks, as the name suggests, actually are from cedar wood. Since it is made from that material, it has most of its qualities or properties. 

Scented cedar blocks and rosemary on top of a wooden block on a white background

Similar to mothballs, these blocks are placed inside drawers and cabinets because cedar contains natural oil that can repel insects such as moths, cockroaches, termites, and ants. They also have such a pleasant smell!

Using cedar blocks helps in preventing mold growth and mildew development because it absorbs moisture and eliminates odor. And since cedar has these characteristics, you can even put them inside your shoes or any damp or moist areas in your home such as the kitchen.

Uses of Cedar Blocks [or Cedar Balls]

1. Prevent Mold & Mildew

Mold and mildew are organisms that appear and thrive in unlit and damp areas. Because of this, they often grow on cabinet walls, clothes, and other fabrics, especially if left inside the closet for long periods. 

Wet and humid weather also contribute to their formation. Lower or higher humidity levels will cause too much moisture. It is best to prevent their development because these fungi can damage and stain your belongings.

Cedar blocks or balls absorb moisture which is why they can stop these fungi from growing and spreading.

2. Absorb Moisture

As we mentioned above, moisture causes mold and mildew development. Due to this reason, you can put cedar balls on any damp or moist areas inside your home such as the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and garage. 

3. Repel Insects 

Fabric-eating insects such as moths, silverfish, termites, ants, and beetles thrive and lay eggs during dry weather. At this time, they choose to live inside your closets or drawers in order to survive. If you see holes in your clothes, these insects are most likely the cause. 

Cedar's natural oil will drive away unwanted bugs or insects that might eat from your fabric and cabinets. Not only that, but this scent can also repel snakes and rodents. You can use cedar blocks to ensure the protection and longevity of your belongings.

Proper Use of Cedar Blocks 

Avoid Direct Contact with Fabrics

Remember to keep cedar blocks from directly touching your apparel because cedar's natural oil can stain your clothes and any fabric. 

A small wood of cedar block on a white background

If this situation occurs, immediately wash the garments to remove the stains. Do not let it sit for long because the blemished area will be harder to wash away. 

Store Cedar Blocks and Clothes Properly

If you wish to store clothing, line the area with barrier films or simply cover the fabrics with plastic. As an alternative, you can put the cedar balls in a place inside your closet where they will not get in contact with your clothes. 

Occasionally Sand Cedar Blocks

As part of its maintenance, do not forget to sand your cedar blocks because this will ensure the product's longevity and usability. Sanding revives cedar's fragrance.

Best Cedar Blocks for Storage

Acmetop Aromatic Cedar Blocks

Acmetop aromatic cedar blocks only have a light scent but will surely last for long periods. It is made from 100% cedar wood, and is environmentally friendly since it is manufactured without adding any chemicals. 

It comes in various shape such as rings, blocks, sachets, hangers, and ripple blocks. 

Check out Acmetop Cedar Blocks on Amazon.

Acmetop 15-pack Cedar Hangers

Unlike the previous product, cedar hangers will refresh and protect your closet by simply hanging them on railings or hooks. You can easily prevent clothes from having direct contact with cedar wood. 

This material is also 100 percent made from cedar and it does not contain any added chemicals. 

Check out Acmetop Cedar Hangers on Amazon. 

Iconikal Aromatic Wood Cedar Rings

Wooden circle cedar rings

Cedar wood rings are a good alternative to chemically induced mothballs. Apart from cedar blocks and balls, this is one of the most basic types. You can place this item in your closet, drawers, and storage bins. 

The diameter of each ring is 1.8 inches, and the inner hole measures 0.47 inches. 

Cedar Space Cedar Blocks

Unlike the aforementioned item, this cedar block has a moderate and long-lasting scent. It is also hand-polished and is 100% red cedar.

Check out Cedar Space blocks on Amazon.

Gilaree Non-staining Cedar Block and Balls

Gilaree non-staining cedar block is made from eastern red cedar wood that is filled with a combination of its rich red or pink heartwood and white sapwood color. As the name implies, it is non-staining. However, for safety purposes, you might still avoid the product making direct contact with your garments.

Check out Gilaree's 26-piece set on Amazon.

How long do cedar blocks last?

Small blocks of scented Cedar

Good quality cedar blocks or balls can last between 3 to 7 years. However, the natural fragrance of this wood can fade over time. To prevent this from happening, you need to sand the blocks every six months. You can do this regularly if the scent fades quickly. 

Lightly sanding the wood until all sides turn red indicates fresh cedar oil. If the aroma is still weak, you can apply cedar oil extract onto the wood. 

What are alternatives to cedar blocks?

If you intend to utilize other materials, various products and items can be used as an alternative to cedar blocks. 

Lavender Satchels

If driving moths and other insects away from your clothes is the only the purpose why you need cedar blocks, then lavender satchels are an alternative. While we love the natural smell of lavender, most moths stay away from its scent. 

You can purchase this product at your local stores, and if you want, you can also make your own.


Before, mothballs are the most used product when it comes to repelling insects inside your closets, and it is, however, one of the most effective ways. The drawback of using this product is its strong unpleasant smell, and it contains chemicals that are also toxic to humans.


Using mint is another natural approach to repel insects and rodents. You can simply utilize dried mint or soak cotton balls with peppermint oil. Place them inside your storage space, closets, and drawers but avoid any contact with fabric to prevent staining your garments. 

Cedar Chips

These chips are similar to cedar blocks when it comes to properties, characteristics, and usage. They are a mixture of wood shavings that come from various types of cedar trees. 

Simply hang a bag of chips beside your clothing or any other fabric. Do not forget to change these bags frequently as their scent may fade quicker than cedar balls.

In Closing

Eco friendly natural wood cedar next to towels

Cedar blocks are necessary for keeping your garments safe from bugs, mold, and mildew. They may require proper usage; however, they are one of the most environmentally friendly options. 

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