Can You Work Out Of A Self Storage Space Unit

Primarily, storage units are for storage of your belongings. It's ideal to rent a storage unit when moving houses or decluttering your home. Some homeowners might not have a large home to run a business from. The question that might arise is, can you work out of a self-storage unit? We've inquired from experts, and they gave us inspiring answers.

Yes, you can work out of a self-storage unit. Equip your self-storage unit to suit the project you are working on or what you are using it for. Ideally, leave it completely or partially open when in use, for proper ventilation.

You can use a self-storage unit for many other activities apart from only storing items. Continue perusing as we delve into detail on how to utilize a storage unit to the fullest.

Self Storage Space Unit outdoor, Can You Work Out Of A Self Storage Space Unit

Working Out Of A Storage Unit

You cannot work from a self-storage unit as an office. It is illegal, and you will be violating the lease terms.

It might be tempting to put a desk, computer, and telephone and turn the storage unit into an office. Self-storage units are relatively cheaper than office space in a business center.

If you do not utilize the space in a storage unit, it'll be a waste. There are other ways to use the extra space in your storage unit and boost your business.

Entrepreneurs in commercial trade could use a storage unit to store stock instead of paying for warehouse storage. Home run businesses can benefit from storage units immensely for clients' supplies.

The self-storage unit becomes an asset and helps manage daily business operations. Although, it is not an office.

What Businesses Can Benefit From Self-Storage Units?

We have clarified that you cannot use your storage unit as an office but as a storage space. It might seem like a temporary storage solution, but it will go a long way in saving you money for professional storage.

Let's see which business can fully benefit from this arrangement.

Warehouse building with self storage units

Photographers/ Video Producers

Social media influencers might not have as much equipment as a professional photographer or video editor. Therefore, a small professional video company or photographer will need enough space to store sound, editing equipment, carrier bags, and lights.

Antique & Vintage Sellers

Hobbies can easily turn into businesses. Antique lovers can use a self-storage unit as a repair and storage shop for items they acquire to resell.

You might not have a large basement or garage. Use a spacious storage unit for large furniture or huge chandeliers.

Online Sales

If you are selling items and products online, you'll need a place to store large quantities as your customer base grows. Clients don't have to wait long for their orders to arrive when you have them in bulk.

Some storage facilities are available 24/7 and can become your order fulfillment center. It will boost your efficiency.

Repair Businesses

Private mechanics, plumbers, or carpenters can use a storage unit to store small spare parts, tool kits, and tools. Instead of cluttering the home, keep what you need for your home calls in a storage unit.

Remember to store documents in your home or home office but not a storage unit.

Using A Storage Unit As A Gym

Exercise equipment and weights in empty gym. No people.

Interestingly, most states allow renters to use their storage units as a workout space. To ensure that you do not violate the policies of your local storage facility, inquire about them. Your local storage facility will make a point of giving you the exact answers.

Once you get permission to turn your self-storage unit into a gym or workout area, you can equip it. State and local laws could permit you, but the storage facility might not. To avoid violating any zoning regulations and laws, inquire first.

Benefits Of Using A Storage Unit As A Gym

Gym memberships are not everyone's cup of tea. However, if your self-storage unit is half empty, you could convert it into a gym. Fitness enthusiasts can purposefully rent a storage unit with a gym in mind too!

Whichever the case, this could have lots of advantages for you.


A storage unit turned gym can provide privacy for those who don't like exercising in public gyms. You can achieve your fitness goals away from the prying eyes of other gym members.

Saves Money

A gym membership can be costly and a waste of money if not used. Having your self-storage unit converted into a gym will make you exercise more and spend less. Moreover, members often pay for equipment they never use or need.

A Decluttered Home

You might have dumbbells, skipping ropes, yoga mats, or a running track occupying a lot of room in your home. A cluttered home with gym equipment can become a nuisance. Your storage unit will come in handy.

Faster Workouts

If you don't have to commute very far to your storage unit, it could make your workouts faster. Gyms can be congested, and you might need to wait longer before using the desired equipment. Moreover, the pandemic contributed to the emergence of other alternatives to enable social distancing.

Other Ways You Can Use A Self-Storage Unit

Self storage units with black garage doors for people who may need temporary or long term storage of their possessions.

You can rent a storage unit for other activities other than storing your belongings. Not everyone has a large enough garage or basement to do whatever they like there. Moreso, neighbors might be unhappy with you if you are disturbing the peace of the neighborhood.

So, you can use your self-storage unit for the following:

Practise Studio

Group of women enjoying dance fitness.

Self-storage units are located away from residential buildings. It makes them the perfect place for your solo or band rehearsals. You will not disturb your neighbors, and you get to perfect your music or dance routine.

Art Studio

Artist's studio

Paintings need a place they can dry without disturbances while you get your inspiration for the next. A storage unit might just be the place if you have a small apartment.

Since you are not living in the unit, painting or making sculptures here will be alright. Your work won't be in the way of other household members.

Emergency Niche

Your garage or basement should not be the only place you store random items. Food, tissue, extra batteries, and other things can be bought in bulk and stored in your storage unit to save money.

Items can be left in a storage unit if you can't access your home. Some local authorities advise citizens to rent a unit and keep it free in case of emergencies.

How To Maximize Space In A Self Storage Unit

Whether you are using your unit for an activity or to solely store belongings, you can make the most of the space in it.

Here are some ideas on how to go about it:

  1. Start by renting a suitable unit. The size of your storage unit will determine what else you can do in your unit.
  2. Then map out the layout of the whole storage unit. A plan of the unit will help in arranging the unit.
  3. Use the plans you have of your unit to divide it into seasons. A section for Christmas stuff, winter gear, fishing gear, or traveling suitcases.
  4. Walls are often overlooked as storage space. Incorporate the walls in your self-storage unit by adding pegboards and shelves. Wall space will also help you to organize the storage unit better.
  5. To use most of the storage space, utilize uniform storage boxes. Same size boxes fit in well and don't leave empty gaps.
  6. Disassemble large items such as furniture. Large beds and tables can take up all the space in the unit. Taking the furniture apart before storage will allow you to put more items in the unit.
  7. Look up! The ceiling is more storage space. Add a hanging rack to use the overhead storage. Ensure the hanging racks do not hang too low to avoid bumping your head.

Self storage room with boxes and home contents.

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Final Thoughts

It is illegal to use your self-storage unit as an office. But you can use it to benefit your business as affordable storage. Before making any major changes, inquire from the rental company about what you can or cannot do.

A self-storage unit can be used as a hobby or order facilitating center. Ensure that you utilize the storage unit lawfully!

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