Can Bubble Mailers Go In The Mailbox?

You may want to ship breakable or fragile items through a mailbox but wondering if you can use bubble mailers. Fortunately, we have made some research for you, and here's what we found.

Bubble mailers are usually used for fragile items that need more protection during transportation. And yes, they can go in the mailbox. Bubble mailers have extra wrap inside which can keep your items safe, unlike kraft paper.

The size of the mailbox should be considered when sending items wrapped with a bubble mailer. Keep reading to discover more about sending bubble mailers through a mailbox.

Bubble Mailers Stack, Can Bubble Mailers Go In The Mailbox?

Sending Bubble Mailers Through A Mailbox

Bubble mailers are a cost-effective way to mail items that are fragile. The size of the mailbox is a major factor to consider before using bubble mailers. If the mailbox opening is too small, using a bubble mailer may not be a good idea. Instead, the item should be mailed in an envelope.

The bubble mailers are often too thick and can increase the bulkiness of your item which means they can’t be inserted into a mailbox without bending. So, it is better to use a bubble mailer for smaller items.

The weight of the bubble mailer may also put a strain on the door and hinges of the mailbox, which can lead to an increased risk of breakage.

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Is A Bubble Mailer Considered An Envelope Or A Package?

This greatly depends on how thick the bubble mailer is. A bubble mailer is considered an envelope if it is 3/4 of an inch thick or less when packed. A bubble mailer that is more than 3/4 of an inch thick should be considered a package. Bubble mailers are most likely to be a package.

Can I Use Stamps On A Bubble Mailer?

You can put stamps on a bubble mailer, but this depends on whether your mailer is an envelope or a package. It also depends on how heavy or light the item is. If your bubble mailer is considered an envelope, weighing one ounce or below, a $0.55 forever stamp can be used to stamp it.

But if the bubble mailer is a package, your options are Media Mail, USPS First Class, USPS Retail Ground, and Priority Mail. You should choose USPS First Class if you have a bubble mailer below 16 ounces and sending a personal item.

If your bubble mailer contains printed music, books of no less than eight pages, vinyl records, DVDs, CDs, videotapes, and other items similar to these, you should consider using USPS Media Mail.

How Can I Make A Bubble Mailer?

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You can easily make your own bubble mailer at home. If you want to make a bubble mailer, you will need kraft paper for the outside and bubble wrap that will be placed inside. You can also use paper grocery bags.

When making a bubble mailer, note that the outer dimension of a bubble mailer lined with bubble wrap should be different from the inner dimension. Here are the step-by-step process of making a bubble mailer:

1. Trim The Cardstock, Paper, And Bubble Wrap

Trim the bubble wrap to the interior dimension of your mail - about 6 by 9 inches. Cut the card stock to the finished size of your mailer which is 7.5 inches by 10.75 inches.

You should include a one-inch flap. Cut your paper a bit bigger than the finished mailer on the sides that will stick to the card stock. You can get the cardstock and other supplies at craft stores.

2. Rub Glue On The Paper

Face the paper down. Then try forming a border while you spread the glue around the outer edge of the paper. You can use any glue here but it is better to use a stronger adhesive like rubber cement. Take a piece of bubble wrap and place it on the glued edge.

3. Spread Glue Across The Bottom of The Cardstock

Lay the cardstock flat. Spread one or two inches of glue across the edge. Do not rub glue on the side you will use as a flap (the top). Rub some glue just one inch below the cardstock's top edge. Next, spread a line of glue, but don't let the glue touch the upper part which will be your flap.

4. Place Bubble Wrap On The Cardstock

Carefully place the second bubble wrap sheet on the glued area. Keep the bubble part facedown while securing the wrap to the cardstock. Focus on the cardstock's bottom edge.

You should aim at around ¼ of one inch from the left and right sides. Cut upwards towards the edge of the bubble wrap. Repeat this on the other side.

5. Layer The Bubble Wrap

Lay the cardstock flat so the bubble wrap will face upward. Collect the paper that has the bubble wrap. Then try aligning the edge of the wrap over one another. You should focus on the edge. While holding the sheets with palms, press the middle of one edge of the paper.

Try moving your fingers to the edges. Do this with the opposite and bottom edge. Cut the excess paper at the edge using scissors. Make a diagonal cut on the flap to cut off the edges. Using a scoring tool, create a folding line on the inner part of the flap. This makes it easier to close the bubble wrap.

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Can A Small Box Be Put In A Bubble Mailer?

There are a few things to consider when packing items in a bubble mailer. Putting small items like earrings and rings into a mailer might damage the bubble lining. It can also eliminate the cushioning properties of the bubble mailer.

So, it is better to put them in a small box before the mailer. A small box can be put in a bubble mailer if it is not too heavy. You just have to place your box inside the bubble mailer and seal it.

Is A Bubble Mailer Considered Flats?

A bubble mailer can be considered a flat or parcel. But this greatly depends on what it contains. For instance, if it is a small box in a bubble mailer, it is regarded as a parcel. But if it is a comic book, then it is considered flat. A piece of plywood in a bubble mailer will be considered a parcel.

How Can I Measure The Height Of A Bubble Mailer?

Envelopes are usually measured from the shortest dimension. But this does not differentiate the height from the width. However, if the mailer's seal flap is at the top, the height is the dimension from the base fold to the upper fold.

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Poly Mailers Vs. Bubble Mailers

Poly mailers are plastic packaging made with bubble wrap, but their exterior is entirely plastic with no paper exterior. Bubble mailers have a paper exterior and bubble wrap inside. They are used to protect delicate items.

Poly mailers are made of polyethylene, a type of plastic that is stronger than the polypropylene used in bubble mailers. Polyethylene has a higher melting point and more abrasion resistant and is less likely to tear or puncture when compared to polypropylene.

To Wrap Up

Bubble Mailers Stack

Bubble mailers are a popular choice for many people when sending fragile items. In general, if the size of the bubble mailer is too large, it will not be able to fit into a mailbox. Bubble mailers are suited for smaller items since they are already bulky.