5 Best Ways To Store Clothes Hangers

Closet organization does not end with organizing clothes--unused clothes hangers should also be cleared out of the clutter. If you're tired of seeing empty hangers spread across the room or the cabinets, you may be wondering how you can keep them in a pile. We have listed some efficient ways you can store your excess clothes hangers and have them ready whenever you need them.

Here are some creative ways to store clothes hangers:

  1. Store the hangers in an empty magazine file or container
  2. Section by material and tie with a rubber band
  3. Use a PVC clothes hanger caddy
  4. Put the stack in a cardboard box
  5. Get a hanger holder

It is surprisingly easy to lose hangers since they are readily available everywhere. However, it may be time to spruce up your organization scheme if you are tired of wasting so many good hangers. Keep reading below to learn more about closet organization and storing hangers!

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5 best ways to Store Excess Clothes Hangers

Storing excess hangers is a matter of convenience. You can easily throw them all into a disorganized pile of mess somewhere in the corner, but that would mean getting all the hooks tangled together and getting your time wasted trying to separate them.

Losing them also becomes inevitable, even when you may have just bought them recently. You need to have at least a simple system to keep everything neatly in a pile where you can easily grab a hanger when needed.

Here are the best ways you can store unused clothes hangers.

1. Empty Magazine File

Utilize a dollar store magazine file for easy access. You can also use an empty plastic box or laundry basket and it'll work the same way.

Make sure they all face the same way to prevent them from hooking onto each other. You can also sort the hangers by their type to have everything stacked neatly. If the hangers have separate clips, keep them all in a small container near the hanger pile to prevent them from creating awkward bumps on the pile.

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2. Section by Material; Tie with a Rubber Band

If you don't have anything to store hangers in, tying them up with a rubber band will go a long way. You can easily snap one hanger off when they're needed; just remember to tie them back into the pile once you're done using them. You can leave hangers with clip-ons on the pile if you're tying them together.

When tying them, don't overstretch the rubber bands since they could snap and make a mess with the hangers. Simply loop the band through all the hooks, go under their hypotenuse, and hook the back once again until they are tight enough.

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3. Use a PVC Clothes Hanger Caddy

If you would rather have the clothes hanger hanging on a rack, you can build yourself a PVC clothes hanger caddy. This will make it easier for you to organize the rest of your clothes, and you can have easier access to them.

PVC racks also have an aesthetically pleasing appeal, making them a popular interior fixture in small spaces and apartments. You will not only have something to organize your hangers; you can also use them to hang thick jackets, suits, and linen pants.

4. Put the Stack in a Shoebox

This is a common trick if you want to organize your hangers better. It is simple and easy, but you need to make sure that the stacks would fit.

  • Cut about a 1-inch vertical line on the side of the box. This would serve as the gap for the hooks.
  • Stack the hangers together. Tie them with a rubber band if needed.
  • Close the cardboard box. If you won't be using the hangers for a long time, you can tape them.

Use another shoebox and cut it up if you need to store more hangers.

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5. Get a hanger holder

A simple solution to store hangers is to simply leave them hanging on a hanger holder. That way, if you need to hang a coat, a hanger is readily available for use.

Wall-mounted hanger holders have a separator, so you won't have to worry about the hooks getting tangled together.

There are also hanger holders available that may not have a separator but utilizes the hanger's hypotenuse for hanging. This allows you to hang up to 12 hangers neatly and without the risk of tangling. If you have clips, they can be attached to the area above the holder.

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How To Declutter The Closet?

Decluttering your closet can be challenging, especially if you have a penchant for fashion. However, you can't possibly wear all outfits all the time--so, you may have to let some of them go to make room for other items.

Organizing your closet will give you the opportunity to be more intentional with how you consume clothes.

You will get ready faster in the morning, and you will have a more defined style. You will feel more in control of your lifestyle instead of being overwhelmed by the number of choices you have to do every day.

Here are effective ways to declutter your closet.

Separate the Cloths by Frequency of Use

Take out all the clothes you have in your closet. Inspect each one and determine how much you wear them; if it communicates the person you are, and if it makes you feel good.

Have a designated pile for clothes you want to keep, and the clothes you want to get rid of--either to sell, donate, or upcycle.

You also have to separate them based on the season in which you wear them. Designers recommend keeping winter clothes hidden until spring to have more room for other staples.

Separate "Keep" and "Purge" Piles

After you have divided your clothes into "keep" and "purge" piles, it's time to determine where you want the ones on your purge pile to go. Clothes that haven't been used in a long time but can still be enjoyed can go to the "donate" pile.

Expensive clothes that you're having a difficult time getting rid of--although you need to--can be sold online or in a thrift store.

Clothes that have seen better days and already have holes or damage in them can be upcycled or donated to textile and fabric recycling centers if you have them in your area.

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Check for Duplicates

If you have a defined style, you can have multiple clothes of the same color and type that you don't wear all the time. You may find yourself sorting through 10 similar white shirts of five pleated skirts.

Although you can argue that these are backups, you will only ever need one that feels and looks right to you. You can give them away or sell them instead so they can benefit someone else.

Install Hooks in the Closet

A principle of closet organizing and decluttering is to maximize your storage space. If you find yourself short of hangers, you can install hooks on the sides of your closet where you can hang your purses, jewelry, or scarves.

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Shop Sustainably

If you want to have less clutter, the simplest answer is to simply shop more intentionally and sustainably. Don't purchase clothes that can deteriorate in a year and invest in ones that can last you for a lifetime--especially if you can afford them.

If shopping for brand new high-quality clothes would be too expensive, opt for clothes made by local small businesses or clothes in thrift shops.

This way, you do your part in saving the environment and have fewer clothes that go to the trash pile.

How to Pack Items for Donation

If you find yourself having too many clothes and clothes hangers, you can always give them to your local donation drive.

  • Sanitize the hangers and wash the clothes
  • Store them in a sealed box or airtight container
  • Wear gloves while packing them

Make sure that the items you're giving away still have good quality. The people who will be receiving them deserve just as much!

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Final Thoughts

Having an excess of items calls for a better organization scheme. Simply throwing them haphazardly will result in lost items, or worse, damaged ones. Decluttering and proper storage are key to making your items last and stay around longer.