Keana Mercado

Keana Mercado

How High To Hang Entryway Hooks

Interior of a front door with wall rail-mounted hanging hooks. There is a closed wooden door with glass panel and gray frames connected to a baseboard on a white wall - How High To Hang Entryway Hooks

Hooks are a great way to organize your entryway and keep everything tidy. But how high should you hang them? It’s a good thing we’ve researched this topic to help you determine how high you should install your entryway hooks.…

How To Store Light Bulbs

energy saving light bulbs in a bucket in disposable plastic garbage bag, How To Store Light Bulbs

If you’re like most homeowners, you probably have a stash of light bulbs in a closet or drawer somewhere. And if you’ve ever had to change a light bulb, you know that it’s not always as easy as it seems.…

How To Ship Perfume


When it comes to shipping perfume, there are a few things you need to know in order to make sure your fragrance arrives at its destination safely. We’ve researched this matter to present with you the practical tips on securing…

How To Pack Bowls For Moving

Clean white Bowls dishes in paper packed in cardboard box, How To Pack Bowls For Moving

As a homeowner, you know that moving is always a hassle. But one of the most challenging tasks can be packing your bowls. If you want to make sure your fragile bowls survive the move intact, follow the tips we…