Are Bubble Mailers Free At The Post Office?

Packaging has accommodated bubble wrap incredibly. Delicate or fragile items need careful transportation. It requires extra packaging that could translate to extra costs for you. But, can you get bubble mailers for free at the post office? We've done thorough research and found some encouraging answers.

Yes, bubble mailers are free at your local post office. However, free bubble mailers are free if you use the USPS priority mail and priority mail express. Bubble mailers are an eco-friendly way of sending your parcel.

Bubble mailers are available upon request at the post office but can you preorder them? Continue reading to see what bubble mailers are all about.

restock of bubble mailers, Are Bubble Mailers Free At The Post Office?

Post Offices And Free Bubble Mailers

Your local post office will keep you well supplied with free bubble mailers for all your business or personal needs. Having spent a fortune on a fragile souvenir, you'd like to have it reach its destination in one piece.

important document perfect for bubble mailer

So, for your peace of mind, you can order online or walk into your local post office and request a bubble mailer. When you use a bubble mailer, you can't use ordinary mail. The USPS makes bubble mailers available for customers who use priority mail or priority mail express.

How To Order Free USPS Bubble Mailers Online

It is easy to order bubble mailers online for free. If you are having a hard time finding any at the local post office, go online. Go to the United States Postal Service website and then to The Postal Store.

Type in the link, then select Supplies or Shipping Supplies. Put in the amount you need and where your order should be delivered or shipped.

Here is a video with step-by-step instructions on how to order USPS bubble mailers online:

Is Bubble Mailer An Envelope?

Yes, a bubble mailer is an envelope. It is a plastic or paper envelope layered with bubble wrap. You will find different sizes of bubble mailers available.

The only difference is that it is a padded envelope that offers protection for your parcel without being bulky. A bubble mailer will be cheaper to send than a box due to the difference in service charges at the post office.

Not every other padded envelope is a bubble mailer.

Are Bubble Mailers Easy To Mail?

bubble mailers ready for use for mails

Mailing a bubble mailer might be somewhat confusing. You will be guided on how to mail a bubble mailer at any local post office.

The procedure is usually simple.

  • First, put the item you want to mail.
  • Next, ensure that it fits in the envelope properly.
  • Secondly, seal the bubble mailer. Do not forget to put the address.
  • Finally, put a stamp on the envelope, then drop the envelope off at a post office. Voila!

When Is Bubble Mailer Considered A Package?

A bubble is still an envelope if it's less than 3/4 of an inch thick. When your bubble mailer envelope increases in size, it will be considered a package.

Therefore, a bubble mailer wider than 3/4 of an inch is counted as a package at the post office. The post office charges customers differently for bubble mailer envelopes and packages.

Cost Of Mailing A Bubble Mailer

The postal cost will depend on if the bubble mailer is considered an envelope or a package. Envelope bubble mailers that weigh less than an ounce can be posted with a $0.55 stamp.

Package bubble mailers will have several classifications for you to choose from. You can choose USPS First Class Mailer, Medial Mail, Retail Ground, or Priority Mail.

They all have different costs. Inquire from your local post office about the postage using these services for your bubble package mailer.

What's The Cost Of Mailing A 6x9 Bubble Mailer?

According to the USPS, you will need a first-class stamp which costs $0.55. Any additional weight of the envelope will require the sender to pay an additional $0.20 per ounce.

The sender should be cautious of the size of the envelope too! Moreover, if the envelope exceeds 3/4 of an inch, it will be considered a package.

Can You Customize A Bubble Mailer?

bubble mailer is free in post office

Bubble mailers from the USPS already have the logo of the Postal Service. But bubble mailers ordered from other entities can be plain or customized for the client.

If the client desires to have their company's logo on the bubble mailer, he can indicate this when placing an order.

Have a look at these Basic Bubble Mailers on Amazon.

The cost of customizing your bubble mailers will depend on the number of mailers required, the difficulty of the logo, and the time frame for the order. You can easily grow your business with customized mailers.

Here's a video showing you how to customize bubble mailers online:

Items You Can Send Using USPS Bubble Mailers

You can always send moments, collectibles, souvenirs, gifts, or orders to your loved ones or customers using bubble mailers at a good cost. The USPS flat rates are what makes the service so attractive. Here's a comprehensive list of what to send using USPS bubble mailers:

  • Metal collectibles: Small art metal figurines are popular gifts.
  • Documents: They are well protected from moisture or wetness.
  • CDs: Mail any type of disc using bubble mailers envelopes as fragile items.
  • Books: Book collectors can enjoy a paperback without going to the book store.
  • Jewelry: Send inexpensive jewelry to friends or relatives in a mailer.
  • Clothes: Hoodies and jeans are examples of clothes you can post in large envelopes.
  • Makeup & Beauty products: Ladies would be excited to receive their orders without damage.
  • Perfumes: Send a scented gift to a special somebody when far away with a bubble mailer.
  • Gadgets: Phones, iPods, MP3 players, etc can also be sent to users.

Think outside the postal box by using bubble mailers for small or fragile items at little to no extra cost.

Are Bubble Mailers Recyclable?

Bubble mailers are eco-friendly recyclable products. You can place the used bubble mailer in a designated recycle bin. Alternatively, you can recycle a bubble mailer by using it around your home. You can find drop-off recycling points at chemists or supermarkets countrywide.

Other Protective Mailers

Protective packaging is useful, and there are several other options. Bubble mailers are not the only protective mailers on the market. You can also use:

  • Kraft Paper Mailers: They are made from sturdy craft paper. You can use them to send flat items such as books and documents. Add void fill if you'd like to use them to send small glass items.

envelope bubble mailers

  • Poly Mailers: These mailers are ideal for clothing and other unbreakable things. Poly mailers are very common.

Check out these Poly Mailers on Amazon.

  • Padded Mailers: They are more rigid than bubble mailers. The outside of the poly mailer is made of sturdy craft or plastic paper. Padded mailers are padded with foam.

Assess any available packaging before you pick the ideal one for your parcel.

Can You Make Your Own Mailers?

Absolutely! DIYers and craft lovers should not miss out on an opportunity to make a mailer. It's an easy peasy project and a fun pass-time activity.

You can also personalize the mailers for your business to save costs. The necessary items can be found at any craft or stationery store.

Start by collecting the following:

  • Craft paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Rulers
  • Scissors
  • Prototype Envelope

Next, follow these steps.

  1. Cut the craft paper according to the prototype you want.
  2. Measure and cut the bubble wrap with an allowance of 1/2 inch.
  3. Customize the outer side of your craft paper.
  4. Stick the bubble wrap to the inside of the craft paper.
  5. Close the seams of the craft paper with double-sided tape.
  6. Put tape to the flap for sealing when posting your parcel or envelope.

Have a look at the detailed video below:

In Closing

restock of bubble mailers

Bubble mailers are free in any local post office and online as well. Pick the right size of a bubble mailer and countercheck if it qualifies as an envelope or as a parcel. There are other protective mailers you can use.

Popping bubble wrap sort of relieves stress, just like using bubble mailers for important merchandise, documents, or gifts. It is wonderful to know that bubble wrap has been put to good use in bubble mailers!

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